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West Blade Technology Revolutionizes Grating, Zesting

LifetimeBrands4When it comes to grating and zesting, not much has changed in decades, until now. Lifetime Brands Inc. and Williams Sonoma have partnered to introduce a new grater and zester blade technology called West Blade™. The patented technology features tineless blades that allow users to grate in both directions, which also makes it easier to move soft and hard foods over the surface with minimal effort, helping to reduce time spent on food preparation. West Blade is available exclusively at Williams Sonoma.

The West Blade Rotary Grater shreds soft foods like mozzerella cheese and hard-boiled eggs, in addition to to making quick work of hard cheeses and chocolate. It comes with two interchangeable grating barrels: a West Blade Coarse Shredder blade for soft cheese and a West Blade Medium Flake Blade for shaving hard cheese or making chocolate curls. The gearing system operates with a smooth, easy-turning motion for fast and easy grating with maximum output. It retails for $49.95.

The West Blade Zester helps to create fragrant, flavorful zest from the surface of the citrus peels, without the bitter pith. It also works for grating ginger, hard cheese and chocolate. The zester features ultra-sharp, stainless-steel etched blades, and a soft-touch, nonslip handle helps provide a comfortable grip. A protective cover also comes with the grater for safe storage. It retails for $19.95.

The West Blade Small Flake Hand Grater and Large Flake Hand Grater feature bi-direction grating surfaces and also features ultra-sharp, stainless-steel etched blades. Food practically glides over the blades, perfect for rapidly shaving hard cheese and creating delicate flakes of chocolate. Soft-touch, nonslip handles provide a comfy grip and each grater comes with a food pusher and hand guard piece for safety and a blade cover. Each retails for $19.95.

The West Blade Box Grater features four total grating surfaces: three with West Blade technology — the Small Flake, Large Flake and Coarse — and one traditional coarse grater blade. This multi-use tool offers ultra-sharp stainless-steel tetched blades and quickly shaves just about any hard cheeses or vegetables. Like the others, it features a soft-touch handle. It also comes with a nonslip base to keep the grater in place and prevent interrupted work. This model has a suggested retail price of $49.95.

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