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VitaClay Cookers Bring the Bone Broth

High-fire unglazed VitaClay uses its low thermal conductivity and micro-porous properties to heat evenly and to slow simmer foods after quickly bringing to a boil. Because of clay’s steady low heat conductivity, it allows you to extract more nutrients, minerals and collagens from bones recipes. Bone broth is slightly acidic because vinegar’s added to help draw out nutrients into the broth. This contributes to leaching of heavy metals, most notably carcinogenic nickel and excessive amounts of chromium, from cookware made with stainless steel. Heated clay creates a delicate flavor.

VitaClay Smart Organic Stock Pot features Steam, Fast, Slow Cooking, Porridge with Delay option and low-temperature Yogurt settings. Unlike a conventional crock pot, the beauty of this clay stock pot is that you get an option to cook fast or slow. You’ve got dinner options! Because of technological breakthroughs, VitaClay Multi-stock pot is fully programmed for steam/fast cooking for quick meals in 30 minutes to steam or stew and even slow cooking for stock, bone broth or soups up to 10 hours! Most cooking takes less than two hours. We further developed a cooking chart and updated recipe book and manual on the web. Any healthy cook really does become a culinary genius, because all it takes is good quality ingredients and pushing a button.

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