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Spot-Not: A Decanter Cleaner that Works

All across the world there are tens of thousands of wine decanters begging to have the inside of the decanter cleaned and polished. But it was nearly impossible to properly dry and polish the inside of a decanter – until now!

Spot-Not is so easy to use and so effective. The Spot-Not decanter dryer and polisher has two main parts: a drying cloth that goes into the decanter and a drying mitt for the outside. Magnetic bands inserted in both parts draw the two together and as you move the outer mitt, the inside cloth moves along with it, drying and polishing the inside of the decanter. The magnet bands are removable so the two highly absorbent micro-fiber pads can be washed and reused. Decanters and carafes you were ashamed to serve are suddenly restored to being your pride and joy.

Spot-Not comes in retail-friendly packaging and master packs of 12, so it is really easy to buy. Spot-Not is a product of the Wine Lovers group, a consortium of professional-grade wine accessories.

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