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New Online Kitchenware Retailer Seeks to Solve Stress

Last year, the American Psychological Association (APA) reported 52 percent of Americans feeling a significant amount of stress as they ponder on the future of the nation, their work and their family’s financial stability. Online kitchenware retailer claims to have the solution to all this stress. launched January 1, 2018 selling essential kitchenware and home goods priced up to 40 percent less than even the top brands with their best discounts. The goal is to bring consumers the same quality that they grew up with or that they see on shelves in stores — without all the extra costs of having a brand name on it or all that stress created by the experience of wandering among the aisles of a first-class kitchen store, fingering the gadgets, watching the demonstrations and chatting with knowledgeable and friendly experts while dreaming up meal plans for spectacular Instagram success.

By establishing relationships with factories that manufacture many of the shoppers’ existing kitchen tools and then curating an assortment of only the best quality items, ToBox says the company can deliver to customers just what they need at affordable prices. All products are stringently tested by strangers on the Internet for harmful materials, best factory practices and simplicity to use.

“What we want to set us apart from the other consumer goods companies out there is our teams investment into the community. We plan on putting our money where our heart is in 2018 by joining hands with a lot of great organizations, putting a major focus on how we can give back,” says Diandrah Lamarche, ToBox’s Head of Marketing.

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