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Netchef from Sungale Electronics is a Home Cook’s Dream Device

picture214By Lorrie Baumann

The Netchef G2 is a handy countertop device designed to hook the home cook up with every recipe, cooking video and kitchen tip list that the Internet ever dreamed of. The device, offered by Chino, Calif.-based Sungale Electronics, introduced a new model, the PF-810 at the 2014 International CES along with an array of other devices significantly less interesting for the kitchen-obsessed.

This little device, though, is a home cook’s dream. Not a tablet, it’s a box about the size of a box of dried pasta, with a screen that’s slanted at an angle that’s convenient for viewing when you’re standing at a countertop. Connected to the home’s WiFi system, the Netchef provides instant access to a database of 2,000 preloaded recipes that can be searched by categories, including which meal the dish is for, whether it’s gluten-free, the dish’s protein component and more.

It’s also preloaded with links to many popular cooking websites. A fan of Jamie Oliver? His website is there. Count on to deliver crowd wisdom? It’s there.

Need a video to show you how to chiffonade? Or some encouraging words from Julia Child, who could always make a kitchen disaster seem like nothing more serious than a merry little inconvenience. Somebody somewhere has put that on the Web, and Netchef can find it. “With two hi-fi speakers, the quality is very good,” says Sungale spokesman Peter Gu.

This new model, the PF-810 even has a camera, so the device can be used for chatting. “Is this how it’s supposed to look, Mom?” And just to emphasize even more how much thought this product’s designers have put into the conditions under which a kitchen device operates, it’s even waterproof. If a little cake batter gets spattered on it or the pasta water splashes onto it, it can simply be wiped off with no damage done.

The Netchef retails for $269.99 and is currently being sold on Amazon and SkyMall. For more information, contact Peter Gu at Sungale Electronics, 909.902.1807 X 114.

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