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Microplane Debuts Butter Blade

Reflecting today’s trend in eating more healthy fats, including omega 3-rich and delicious grass-fed butter, Microplane® has introduced its innovatively designed and multi-functional Butter Blade. Designed to effortlessly slice, spread and form butter into perfectly shaped restaurant-style curls, the new Butter Blade will be available in September at Sur La Table and other retail stores nationwide in October for a suggested retail price of $9.98.

The ideal tool for everyday meals, as well as cooking, baking and entertaining, the Microplane Butter Blade is smartly engineered with a uniquely designed and shaped blade that makes using butter easy. The topside of the Butter Blade cleanly slices pats of butter and easily cuts through paper wrapping with printed measurements for accurate cooking and baking. The bottom side of the Butter Blade features three rows of tiny holes that, when pulled across a stick of butter, create soft strands that warm up rapidly to flawlessly spread on soft bread, toast, muffins, scones, corn on the cob and more. The rounded tip of the Butter Blade has an ingeniously crafted, hollow semicircle to instantly create attractive curls by simply pulling the tip across a stick of butter. A new and efficient addition to anyone’s drawer of table knives, the dishwasher-safe Butter Blade can also be used on cream cheese.


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