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Hammer Stahl Partners with Celebrity Chef & Television Host Andrew Zimmern as Exclusive Cookware Sponsor of AZ Cooks

Hammer Stahl has signed on as the exclusive cookware sponsor for the new digital series, AZ Cooks, hosted and created by Andrew Zimmern, the four-time James Beard Award winning TV personality, author, teacher and chef. Zimmern is universally recognized as one of the most versatile and knowledgeable personalities in the food world, and the digital series brings this world traveler back home and into the kitchen.

While Zimmern is best known for traveling the world and expanding people’s culinary boundaries, AZ Cooks focuses on cooking tips and practical instructions. The informative and engaging digital series includes how-to-videos which introduce viewers to classic dishes and family favorites, and also aims to empower cooks of all skill levels by decoding the sometimes intimidating dishes inspired by his travels. Zimmern demystifies food ingredients and preparation, and delivers easily digestible, straightforward information to the home chef.

“We are thrilled to partner with Andrew Zimmern. He embodies the love of great food and is passionate about its preparation and enhancing people’s culinary skills, which we embrace with our brand,” said Bobby Griggs, Vice President, Hammer Stahl. “We look forward to working with Andrew and leveraging his expertise to enhance the one-of-a-kind cooking experience we deliver to home cooks, with new inspirations and new techniques.”

This partnership is the first of its kind for Hammer Stahl and the digital series will showcase its signature American Clad cookware. Crafted in Tennessee, American Clad is the product of a proud 150-year history of small batch, high-quality stainless steel cookware manufacturing in the U.S.

Hammer Stahl, unlike other cookware manufacturers, recently chose to upgrade its entire American Clad line to the more highly-prized 316Ti interior surface from the traditional 304SS. The new 7-ply 316Ti titanium-enhanced stainless steel – the most durable, clean and inert cooking surface on the market – helps ensure that food retains its natural, authentic flavors, a quality Chef Zimmern can get behind.

“What really transforms food is using the right tools, with the right ingredients, to create the best results.   With American Clad my food retains its clean, natural flavors,” said Andrew Zimmern. “Hammer Stahl and I share the belief that cooking at home can be a transformative event, and an opportunity to share traditions and explore cultures through food.”

“We are excited to see what Andrew creates in our cookware. Through AZ Cooks, viewers will have a great opportunity to see the full potential of our product and what it can offer them in their own homes – while inspiring new recipes at the same time,” said Griggs. “Andrew is renowned for his wide breadth of food knowledge and AZ Cooks aims to bring that explorational zeal and, like Hammer Stahl, help to bring culinary literacy into the home kitchen.”

American Clad cookware featured on AZ Cooks will be available for purchase on For general information, visit

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