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Fusionbrands Citrus Tools for Citrus Lovers

For those that love fresh citrus, Fusionbrands® has the right tools for you. This year, Fusionbrands is introducing CitrusSqueeze™, the citrus wedge press and pour. Now you can squeeze all the goodness out of lemons, limes and even oranges with a simple squeeze of the new CitrusSqueeze. Place up to a 1/4 wedge of fresh citrus between the teeth, then with one hand push the handles together to squeeze out the juice. All the juice is contained in the body and seeds get filtered as you pour the juice direct into water bottles, teas, cold beverages or right on top of salad, seafood dishes and more. The CitrusSqueeze sits flat on the table so it can be passed around at dinner to avoid sticky fingers or kept in the refrigerator for later use. The yellow silicone body of the CitrusSqueeze has a flexible wide opening to place large wedges between the teeth. The interior white teeth are rugged enough to crush the citrus, but have smooth handles to easily remove the crusher for a good cleaning in the dishwasher.

Fusionbrands also offers its CitrusPod™, a citrus station to slice, squeeze and store all in one. The CitrusPod has a built-in cutting board base for slicing lemons and limes. The squeezable silicone top is easy to grip for simple juicing and keeps hands from becoming sticky. You can also store remaining citrus in the pod to stay fresh in the refrigerator for later use.

Another handy tool from Fusionbrands is the CitrusZipper™. Whether you peel it or zest it, nothing is more invigorating than the smell of fresh citrus. CitrusZipper allows you to easily puncture and peel the skin away to reach the juicy deliciousness. With the CitrusZipper you no longer need to use a fingernail for the peeling process, leaving you with a sticky mess on your hands. Simply use the peel cutter end to cut through the peel, then use the peel lifter end to release the skin from the citrus. The built-in zester and channel knife lets you create different size zest and peel strips for flavoring and garnishing delectable sorbets, desserts, espressos, salad dressings and cool summer drinks.

For those that love to eat or cook with oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, tangerines and more, these three citrus tools will become your new best friends.

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