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Escali Corporation to Sell Detecto Branded Body Scales to the Consumer Market

Escali Corporation has taken over the licensing rights to sell Detecto retail scales—to the consumer market—from Lifespan Brands.

While many people may recognize the Detecto name from a recent weigh-in at their doctor’s office; the retail division of sells consumer bathroom scales through a number of large retailers.

“Detecto is an amazing brand with a great reputation, strong awareness and loyal customers,” explained Theo Prins, President of Escali Corp. “We couldn’t be more excited!”

Escali Corp. plans to distinguish the Escali brand from the Detecto brand by targeting different consumer segments and different retail markets with distinctly different products. The Detecto brand will focus on large retail chains with consumer scales. Meanwhile, the Escali brand will continue to focus on the specialty retailers that gave Escali Corp. its initial success.

“We are lucky to have acquired a licensing rights to a brand with such heritage behind it,” noted Noah Harber, Marketing & Brand Manager of Escali Corp. “We are already working on new retail consumer products and new marketing initiative, so expect more announcements in the near future.”

Escali Corp. has made it clear that the change in ownership will not disrupt daily business operations with existing Detecto retail customers. Meanwhile, Escali customers can expect their business interactions will not be interrupted or changed either.
“Escali and Detecto will have an excellent synergy with similar levels of innovation and quality standards,” says Kelly Walsh, National Sales Director, Escali Corp. “This acquisition will give us exposure to many new markets.”

The Detecto brand boasts over 100 years of medical accuracy and heritage with applications in the doctor’s office and at home. Detecto retail consumer scales are designed to be durable and trustworthy with a therapeutic focus on health. Visit for more details.

Escali is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of scales, timers and thermometers that commonly make cameo appearances on TV shows such as Chopped or The Great British Bake Off. Escali has a high reputation for providing quality products, backed by unprecedented product warranties and customer support. Visit for more details.

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