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BarWise Cap-Collecting Bottle Opener

JosephJosephPFBarWise is a stylish range of bar tools from Joseph Joseph that combines innovative function with intuitive design. At social occasions, things can get messy with loose caps all over the floor. A handy bottle opener for parties, indoors or outdoors, this clever bottle opener collects caps and stores them until the user finds a bin. It saves the headache of picking up bottle caps after everyone’s gone, storing up to 16 caps at once.

It retails for $11.

Küchenprofi Tweezer Tongs from Frieling

Küchenprofi Tweezer Tongs from Frieling

Frieling has expanded its kitchen tool offerings with Küchenprofi Tweezer Tongs, a professional-grade tool for home cooking, plating, grilling and roasting.

FrielingMade of durable 18/10 stainless steel, these slim, sturdy tongs extend a cook’s reach and make it easy to grasp and move foods. They are ideal for stir frying, flipping tortillas, serving sushi, spearing condiments, assembling salads, grilling, and working with fruit and vegetable slices and chunks of meat and poultry. It’s also great for plating to give each serving the perfect look.

Inspired by the traditional shape of tweezers, these tongs offer precision and one-handed ease of use. Built with an ergonomic handle, the tongs pinch shut quickly and easily with pressure from the thumb and forefinger. They are also dishwasher safe for everyday use.

Küchenprofi Tweezer Tongs come in three sizes: 9 inch, 12 inch and 15.75 inch, with suggested retail prices from $9.95 to $19.95. All sizes are available for immediate shipment.

Prodigio from Picnic Time

PicnictimeThe Prodigio is a stunning cookbook and tablet stand made of beautiful acacia wood with a tempered glass plate to guard against common kitchen splatters. The Prodigio can be angled perfectly to function in either portrait or landscape position, while the glass protects treasured books and recipes. The Prodigio is part of Picnic Time’s Heritage Collection product line, which was developed in partnership with Chef Fabio Viviani. Inspired by Viviani’s rustic, gourmet cooking style, this premier line of products features items that both assist the home chef during cooking, and add style to the presentation.

Microplane Debuts Butter Blade

Reflecting today’s trend in eating more healthy fats, including omega 3-rich and delicious grass-fed butter, Microplane® has introduced its innovatively designed and multi-functional Butter Blade. Designed to effortlessly slice, spread and form butter into perfectly shaped restaurant-style curls, the new Butter Blade will be available in September at Sur La Table and other retail stores nationwide in October for a suggested retail price of $9.98.

The ideal tool for everyday meals, as well as cooking, baking and entertaining, the Microplane Butter Blade is smartly engineered with a uniquely designed and shaped blade that makes using butter easy. The topside of the Butter Blade cleanly slices pats of butter and easily cuts through paper wrapping with printed measurements for accurate cooking and baking. The bottom side of the Butter Blade features three rows of tiny holes that, when pulled across a stick of butter, create soft strands that warm up rapidly to flawlessly spread on soft bread, toast, muffins, scones, corn on the cob and more. The rounded tip of the Butter Blade has an ingeniously crafted, hollow semicircle to instantly create attractive curls by simply pulling the tip across a stick of butter. A new and efficient addition to anyone’s drawer of table knives, the dishwasher-safe Butter Blade can also be used on cream cheese.


Microplane Debuts New Grip’n Strip Fruit and Vegetable Peeler

MicroplaneGripMicroplane®’s new Grip’n Strip, an innovatively designed vegetable and fruit peeler, joins the company’s growing collection of sharp and efficient premium kitchen gadgets. Crafted in two blade styles — Serrated and Straight — and three colors, including black, red and green, the Grip’n Strip will be available in September 2017 for a suggested retail price of $7.98.

The Grip’n Strip features a unique multi-positional round shape that makes it possible to grip the tool any way that’s most comfortable for the user. Perfect for anyone, whether right or left-handed, the Grip’n Strip’s ergonomically wide and circular design also makes it an ideal tool for people with arthritic hands. Fast, efficient and simple to use, the Grip’n Strip’s razor-sharp twin blades swivel and self-adjust to the surface of each ingredient being peeled for optimum results. Grip’n Strip’s serrated blade features sharp teeth that firmly grasp and efficiently peel the smooth skin of soft foods, such as tomatoes, kiwis and peaches. The straight blade version of the Grip’n Strip effectively peels an array of vegetables and fruits with thin and thicker skins, such as potatoes, carrots and cucumbers. Incorporated into the new prep tool is a small protruding piece that effectively removes potato eyes and other blemishes.

Dishwasher safe, the Microplane Grip’n Strip comes with a reusable, hand-washable cover to protect the blade in storage. For more information, visit or call toll-free 800.555.2767.

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