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The Knife Rack

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T-Fal Comfort Cutlery

T-fal Comfort Knife Set for webT-fal has introduced a new knife set and block. This T-fal Comfort Knife set features high carbon stainless steel blades for everyday use, in a set that will complete any kitchen. The ergonomic handles are designed with a “comfort zone” specifically positioned at the two touch points, bolster and underbelly, for optimum grip and control. On top of that, the end of each handle is marked with blade type for hesitation-free selection during food prep. Hand washing is recommended for these knives.

Hammer Stahl Gets Sharp about Knives: Introducing the Essential Five-Piece Cutlery Set for the Home Cook

Hammer Stahl, a company which manufactures professional-quality American Clad stainless steel cookware in Clarksville, Tennessee, has introduced a five-piece cutlery set with a knife block that can be customized based on a consumer’s cutlery preferences and budget. The new cutlery set includes the most essential and versatile knives needed to complete any home kitchen – an 8-inch chef knife, 3.5-inch paring knife, 8-inch bread knife and a 4.5-inch Santoku — as well as a beautiful bamboo knife block. Or, home cooks can choose to customize their own cutlery set to fit their individual cooking style.

“If you’re equipping your first kitchen or thinking of giving a great set of knives as a wedding or holiday gift, these are must have knives that simplify virtually any kitchen task,” says Bobby Griggs, Vice-President, Hammer Stahl. “We packaged them together because every kitchen should have great knives to fit any everyday need.”

While every home cook needs some great, basic knives, Hammer Stahl designed its new set to be incredibly versatile so that it is completely customizable. “Much like custom kitchen design, there’s nothing better than having a set of knives you know are personal to you,” says Griggs.

Customize Your Cutlery

Hammersthal1The preselected five-piece set is designed to be expanded and customized. The new cutlery block is designed to offer flexibility and customization. Whether you want to start small and expand over time or get the whole set right away, this block is right for you.  The front of the block fits a four piece steak knife set and four additional slots can be customized to fit other knife choices. “You can make it simple and fill out the entire block with the eight-piece completer set, which includes four steak knives, a 7-inch fillet knife, a 7-inch vegetable cleaver, kitchen shears and a sharpener. Or, you can pick and choose the knives and accessories that best fit your cooking style from dozens of different options.

The starter set includes a classic 8-inch chef knife, the most important knife in any collection, and is the go-to-tool for a wide variety of prep jobs, large and small. The 3.5-inch paring knife picks up where a chef’s knife leaves off. It’s great for detailed work like peeling, coring, mincing, and cutting small items, especially when a recipe calls for ingredients such as garlic or shallots.  The 8-inch bread knife can be used well beyond slicing bread. These serrated knives can take on almost any job not suited to the straight blade of a chef’s knife, such as tomatoes or pineapples or anything with a waxy, slippery surface. The 4.5-inch Santoku knife is one of Hammer Stahl’s most versatile knives. The word Santoku actually refers to the three cutting tasks which the knife performs well: slicing, dicing and mincing.

Hammer Stahl cutlery is heirloom quality and comes with a lifetime warranty. They are made in the tradition of the great German knife makers, but with a patented new design and a manufacturing process that allows them to be affordable. The cutlery is made from top-quality German X50CrMoV15 high carbon stainless steel. It is forged and tempered to precise specifications and a Rockwell hardness of 55 – 57 that provides a superior edge and lasting durability. Hammer Stahl knives are coveted by professional chefs for their razor-sharp cutting edge, hand-forged quality and quad-tang design, which makes them some of the more balanced knives in the world today. For information, visit

Red Dot for Swiss Diamond Kitchen Knives

Swiss Diamond Knife Block SetSwiss Diamond is honored to receive Red Dot’s 2017 Product Design Award for kitchen knives. Swiss Diamond Knives were created by the Swiss Diamond’s own product development team, which includes professional chefs as well as experts from the cutlery and retail industries. The knives are manufactured with the highest quality German steel and feature an ergonomic handle and blade shape, which provides superior control and ease of use in the kitchen. Each knife undergoes an eight-stage process of grinding and sharpening, making the cutting edge super sharp and easy to maintain. With perfect balance and greater control, Swiss Diamond Knives are a kitchen essential for any cooking enthusiast.

Swiss Diamond Knives are available individually as well as in an assortment of sets from both gourmet stores and select online partners. Retail prices range from $29.95 for a 3.5″ Paring Knife to $495.00 for a Complete Knife Block.

The Red Dot Award, which originated in 1955, is established internationally as one of the most sought-after quality marks for design. Per the jury, “As an expression of a superior quality standard, Swiss Diamond’s kitchen knives offer functionality, comfort and long-lasting reliability.”

Kevin Seeley, director of national sales and business development for Swiss Made Brands USA, Inc. said, “This award reinforces the spirit of innovation behind the brand. We look forward to continuing that with Swiss Diamond XD, our latest, most advanced diamond-reinforced nonstick cookware line to date, which will launch Q4 2017.”

Artisan Serving Plank from Picnic Time, Inc.

892-00-512-000-0_h2The new 2017 Artisan Serving Plank made its debut at the New York Now and the International Home + Housewares shows this year. The Artisan Serving Plank is already projected to be a top-selling 2017 item by TOSCANA — a Picnic Time brand — due to its giftable nature, the affordable price point, functionality in restaurants, and the versatility and relevance of the design. The Artisan Serving Plank is a gorgeous paddle-shaped serving plank made with the durable water-resistant wood of the acacia tree, which has a variation of light and dark wood grains. To showcase its raw beauty, a live bark edge is featured on one side and features a hemp hanging loop on the handle.

Kuhn Rikon Vision Knife Stand – Store Your Favorites Safely and Within Reach

Store your favorite kitchen knives and shears safely with Kuhn Rikon’s new Vision Knife Stand.

26565_Vision Knife Stand_glam (2)This modern and simple design fits every décor. It holds up to 18 knives or shears of various sizes with blade length up to eight inches and features blade separation for perfect blade protection.

The cylindrical clear block keeps blades visible – no more guessing which knife you’re getting from the knife block or what other crumbs, dust or grime might be lurking in the slots.

Its open and clear design makes the stand easy to maintain and keep clean. Secure rubber non-slip feet on the base provide stability – even on slippery surfaces.

Swiss designed, the new cylindrical Vision Knife Stand has a suggested retail price of $30. It is available for immediate shipment. Kuhn Rikon also offers a rectangular Vision Knife Block, with a suggested retail price of $40.

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