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Dallas Gourmet Gold Housewares Awards Winners Announced

Dallas Market Center, the fastest growing housewares marketplace in the country, yesterday announced the winners of the first annual Dallas Gourmet Gold Housewares Awards at an awards ceremony and cocktail reception held on the first floor of the Trade Mart during the Dallas Total Housewares & Gourmet Market.

The Dallas Gourmet Gold Housewares Awards recognize exceptional manufacturers in the gourmet housewares industry who exhibit in Dallas. Housewares products have expanded dramatically at Dallas Market Center, with more than 300 housewares product lines now featured throughout the Housewares neighborhood in the Trade Mart. The winners are as follows:

  •  Best Barware: Smoking Box from Crafthouse by Fortessa
  • Best Cookware/Bakeware: Dexas Elevated Silicone Baking Mat by Dexas International Ltd.
  • Best Cutlery: Cangshan T1 Series 8 inch Chef Knife with Magnetic Knife Sheath by Cangshan Cutlery Company
  • Best Kitchen Electrics: Compact Digital Scale (Cast aluminum) by KitchenIQ
  • Best Kitchen Tools & Gadgets: ChicWrap Parchment Dispenser by Allen Reed Company, Inc.
  • Best Serveware: Forte Condiment Server by Nambe
  • Best Kitchen Textiles: Jean Dubost Pig Tea Towel by The French Farm
  • Best Beverageware: Glass Core Bottle (16-ounce and 12-ounce) by Zoku, LLC
  • Best in Class: Smoking Box from Crafthouse by Fortessa

Judging for these awards was based on innovation, user-friendliness, and visual appeal. This year’s judges include: Kent Rathbun, a four-time James Beard nominated chef and restaurateur, Mark Vamos, a business journalism professor at Southern Methodist University and Dallas Morning News special contributor, and Karen Chandler, the owner of Kitchenwares on the Square in McKinney, Texas.

Vagnbys Decantiere 7-in-1 Wine Aerator Wins the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016

Vagnbys Decantiere 7-IN-1 Wine Aerator by Vagnbys Design & Living has been awarded the Red Dot, the international most renowned award for high design quality. Participants from 57 nations had registered about 5,200 products and innovations for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016. Only products that set themselves apart considerably through their excellent design receive the sought-after quality seal from the international Red Dot jury.

wine aeratorThe Decantiere 7-IN-1Wine Aerator follows the premise of Scandinavian design of merging functionality and high-end quality in minimalistic aesthetic. This 7-in-1 wine decanter is a masterpiece for all wine lovers. The air-mixing chamber gently aerates wine while pouring, significantly improving in the taste, flavor and finish. Seven built-in dual-functional tubes are supported by eight small vents positioned at the grid edge. The built-in filter protects against cork residue and other impurities. The dual pouring edge ensures no dripping, the air tight stopper preserves freshness as well as it covers foil edges and hides screw threads and allows easy pouring.

The renowned Danish product designer Marcus Vagnby created a revolution to wine aeration with the Decantiere 7-in-1 Wine Aerator. His mission is creating objects that are nurtured by respect for sensibility, environment, political correctness and economy.

With 41 experts from all around the world, who are chosen according to strict rules, the Red Dot Award: Product Design guarantees a very high judging competence: Only freelance designers, design professors and specialized journalists – but not designers employed at companies potentially participating – are appointed to the jury. The independent expert panel assesses each entry strictly and fairly, live and on site, according to criteria such as degree of innovation, formal quality, functionality and ecological compatibility.

Smart Cocktail Machine Available This Holiday Season

Bibo Barmaid, a smart cocktail self-serve machine that allows consumers to create expertly blended mixed drinks at home with the touch of a button, will arrive at retail this holiday season. The time and space-saving product is launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to expedite its push to the marketplace. Bibo Barmaid will sell for $249.

Bibo BarmaidBibo is the brainchild of Debra Walker, an innovative entrepreneur and 25-year veteran marketer of Fortune 500 brands. She believes that, whether for a Girls’ Night Out, New Year’s Eve or a Super Bowl party, Bibo is the solution for great cocktails, offering a variety of tastes without the hassle. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who wants to maximize their party time or simply enjoy a drink at the end of a long day. The product will be available at various retailers and several hotel chains for in-room cocktails.

The three-part system includes: Bibo Barmaid countertop appliance, proprietary Bibo Alcohol pouches and Bibo Cocktail Mixer pouches. The Bibo 1.6-ounce Cocktail Mix pouches include naturally delicious flavors like Cucumber Melon, Tangerine Paloma, Margarita, and Appletini. A Bibo Shot Glass is also included so that users may customize their spirit selection.

Making Bibo cocktails is easy. Simply turn it on, fill it with cold water, select a cocktail mix and a spirit pouch and insert the two into the Bibo Barmaid. Pull down the handle, press the “Mix” button and voila! In less than 20 seconds, a professionally mixed drink is ready to enjoy.

“Necessity is the mother of invention and that’s what happened with the Bibo Barmaid,” Debra Walker says. “I’ve hosted and attended many parties where the drinks were either too weak or too strong, and too many open alcohol bottles and mixers made it a mess, resulting in wasted leftovers. During a girlfriend get-together, I realized there had to be a better way to make cocktails. New technologies can make life easier and up the fun-factor. That’s what Bibo is all about. The world’s best bartender is right in your own home. Now you can make great drinks, choose from a wide variety of flavors, and forego the headache of buying all the ingredients and storing them after the party.”

Givaudan, the world’s leading flavor company, is already on board as a Bibo Barmaid partner and has created eight flavors, including Chocolate Peppermint Martini, Rum Punch and Malibu Mai Tai, with a half-dozen more slated for 2017. Walker secured the support of Givaudan as well as other key vendors and investors.

“Flavor variety is the name of the game in today’s spirits and cocktail market, as consumers are not only looking for unique flavors, but also easy flavor-variety solutions,” said Eric Spenske, Givaudan’s Vice President of Marketing. “When Ms. Walker came to us and asked us to work with her in creating cocktail flavors ranging from the classics to beach cocktails to unique spa and garden flavors, we were thrilled to help. We believe that this single-serve solution — with these types of unique flavors — will be a huge success.”

Magisso Ceramics Chill Wine with Water

Magisso’s New White Line Cooling Ceramics collection will perfectly match any gathering. No ice cubes or freezer needed to keep your favorite wines, food and beverages deliciously chilled until your entertainment is complete. Just soak the ceramics under water for 60 seconds to start the cooling effect – you will feel the cool surface begin to cool down soon after soaking them. The cooling effect will last for hours. For those special occasions, when you need a creative message, decorate the ceramics with chalk.

Booze Joulies Chill Drinks Without Diluting Them

Dave Petrillo and Dave Jackson, creators of Coffee Joulies, have released a new product called Booze Joulies that keeps alcohol cold without watering it down. “Just a couple Booze Joulies in a glass of room temperature scotch, for instance, will provide a medium chill without the flavors becoming muted,” said Petrillo. “I personally use Booze Joulies in my bourbon to keep it cool and refreshing.”
With Coffee Joulies, it was only possible to keep a drink at a hot temperature. But with the introduction of Booze Joulies, it’s now possible to keep any drink cold as well! They even share a very similar design, as they are both made of stainless steel shells that allow them to be durable
enough to last a lifetime.
Preparing Booze Joulies is as simple as putting them in the freezer, as the proprietary blend of food-grade liquids inside quickly freeze below the freezing point of water and make them colder than ice. Because these liquids are non-toxic, Booze Joulies are a completely safe product. After a few hours, they will be ready for use. A set of six Booze Joulies costs $29.95 and comes with its own unique carrying pouch. While
they are intended to work in alcoholic beverages, they can be used in any drink imaginable. Only two or three Booze Joulies are needed inside a glass or a shaker to keep a drink at the perfect temperature. Once they’re in use, they will not dilute a beverage, making them more efficient than ice cubes.
Coffee Joulies, created by Dave Petrillo and Dave Jackson, launched on Kickstarter in 2011 as a widely successful crowdfunding campaign that reached over 32 times of its starting goal. Since then, Coffee Joulies has won the grand prize of Shopify’s Build-a-Business Contest and has been
featured on Popular Science, Wired, The New York Times, FOX News, and ABC’s Shark Tank.

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