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EveryWare Global Changes Corporate Name to The Oneida Group

EveryWare Global, one of the world’s leading marketers of dining and food preparation products, announced a key initiative to support the company’s transformation, growth and cultural development strategies.

The company changed its corporate name to The Oneida Group, leveraging the iconic dining brand and reflecting the company’s commitment to driving innovation in the dining experience. Anchor Hocking, a subsidiary of The Oneida Group, will continue to produce and market glassware to the consumer and specialty markets.

“Rebranding our company as The Oneida Group allows us to emphasize our long-standing leadership in dining and food preparation,” said Patrick Lockwood-Taylor, Chief Executive Officer. “We are building on our heritage and committed to delivering innovative additions to our portfolio of products. The Oneida Group is focused on creating value by designing, marketing and manufacturing the best dining and food preparation products in the world, providing the best service to our customers and growing our company efficiently and sustainably. This alignment of our brands is the next step in our growth strategy.”

The company’s principal brands have more than a century of customer trust and loyalty. Oneida, founded in 1848, has been a staple in homes, fine dining establishments, family restaurants and hotels for decades. The Oneida portfolio spans a broad range of products including the finest quality flatware, porcelain dinnerware, stainless steel and silverplate serving dishes and tableware. Anchor Hocking, by its predecessor company, began producing glassware in 1873 and today is a leading designer, marketer and manufacturer of quality consumer products that it sells to retail and specialty markets, hospitality channels, and original equipment manufacturers. Anchor Hocking manufactures nearly all of its products at the company’s facilities in the United States and markets its products internationally.

Fortessa: Raising the Bar on Barware

Charles Joly, a James Beard Award winner and the only American to ever win the Diageo World Class Bartender of the Year, has collaborated with Fortessa Tableware Solutions, an industry leading designer and manufacturer of tableware, to create Crafthouse by Fortessa – the new bar collection that will raise home mixology to the highest level of professional-made craft cocktails.

Visit Fortessa Tableware Solutions at booth #S1462.

Crafthouse by Fortessa includes the bar tools and drinkware needed to give life to those special concoctions that have made the craft cocktail scene so current and exciting.

To create this unique bar collection, Fortessa partnered with Joly from the outset. The selection of tools and drinkware, along with the design specifications of each piece, were done with direct input from Joly, drawing on his years of professional experience and uncompromising dedication to his craft. The result is equal parts function and fashion; a comprehensive, authentic bar collection designed and endorsed by Charles Joly. For the first time ever, Joly is putting his name on a line of barware that will unify his world-class bartending ethos with the tools to bring the aspiring home bartender to life.

Whether you’re muddling mint for a Prospector’s Smash or giving a confident shake to a classic Bond-style Martini, Crafthouse by Fortessa has the right tools for the job. Classic design cues echo the age of art deco, where every piece is elegantly sculpted and expressly functional.

The collection also includes a complete glassware offering with Crafthouse by Schott Zwiesel. This is one of the only comprehensive, barware and bar tools programs in the market. The authoritative position Joly brings to the collection. Classic bar glasses, from glassware innovator Schott Zwiesel, feel solid to the touch and imbue each drink with an incomparable sense of style. With Crafthouse by Fortessa, that Mint Julep is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. That Old Fashioned will make everyone shout, “Cheers!”

For more information, email or call 703.787.0357, ext. 1157.

Peugeot Caters to Whisky Aficionados With Innovative Whisky Set

set de¦ügustation whiskyThe new Peugeot Whisky Set – with a uniquely shaped glass, metal chilling base and leatherette coaster – was specially designed to bring out the best in whiskeys and spirits such as Cognac and Armagnac. Whether your whisky of choice is light and floral, fruity and spicy, rich and rounded, or full bodied and smoky, the Peugeot Whisky Set will reveal its subtleties and aromas for an utterly indulgent tasting.

First introduced in France in late 2015, and now available for shipping in the US, the Peugeot Whisky Set won the Table Top and Gift Grand Prix at the 2015 Maison & Objet in Paris.

The mouth-blown glass is tapered, with a narrow top for properly nosing the whisky before sipping. The wide bowl of the glass is enhanced with a central dome. When whisky is poured into the glass, it forms a circle around this dome, preventing the elevation of overpowering alcohol vapors to the nose to enhance the purity of the experience.

The metal chilling base cools the spirit for at least 30 minutes, without the use of ice and without a temperature shock that would inhibit the release of the scents. Chilling can add a refreshing quality while revealing the complexity of delicate flavor notes. Simply place the metal base in the freezer two or more hours before use for a refreshingly cool taste experience, or leave the base at room temperature if you prefer your whisky neat and unchilled.

The handsome black leatherette coaster completes the set, which would make a welcome gift for anyone who appreciates whisky or spirits.

The Peugeot Whisky Set comes in an attractive, protective cylindrical cardstock box with metal caps, with a suggested retail price of $40. A replacement glass, without the chilling base and coaster, will be sold for $25. The Whiskey Set is available for immediate shipment.

The Peugeot line – which includes pepper, salt and spice mills as well as wine, whiskey and spirits accessories – is inspired by a passion for flavor and the gourmet experience.

For more information, visit Peugeot at, email at or call 877.777.5914.

Celebrate Fabulous at Las Vegas Market

By Lorrie Baumann

Las Vegas Market has been working hard to expand the range of products that will be of interest to Kitchenware News readers, and the hard work is paying off. This winter’s Las Vegas Market has a lot to see in the showrooms and pavilions along with a grand opportunity to meet The Fabulous Beekman Boys, who are emerging as thoughtful spokesmen for a generation that values fresh, local and seemingly effortless design and cuisine. Also, they’re both fun and funny.

joshBrentHorizontalKnown as The Fabulous Beekman Boys are Brent Ridge, physician and former Vice President of Healthy Living for Martha Stewart Omnimedia; and his partner, Josh Kilmer-Purcell, advertising executive and New York Times bestselling author, The celebrity duo began developing their unique and chic brand strategy when they purchased the historic Beekman 1802 Farm in Sharon Springs, New York, in 2007 and then had to start figuring out (fast) how to pay the mortgage and make new lives for themselves as gentlemen farmers after the national economy took a dive in the Great Recession. The pair launched a line of goat milk cheeses and soaps, and quickly added other artisanal items to the Beekman 1802 brand. The popularity of the brand spawned a reality television show, “The Fabulous Beekman Boys,” now airing on the Cooking Channel; they also competed and won the grand prize in CBS’s “The Amazing Race” in 2012, and their Beekman 1802 product line of gourmet foods launched in Target stores last November.

Celebrities aside, there’s much to see this winter at the Las Vegas Market. Here’s a small sampling.

AvoSeedo is a cute little gadget for the folks who like to save their avocado pits and sprout them for new trees. You remember how to do that by sticking toothpicks into the sides of an avocado pit and balancing the picks on the rim of a glass of water? Well, this is a little boat into which you set your avocado seed and float it in a bowl of water. In a few weeks, the avocado seed germinates and begins to grow.

avoseedo_with_plant_avocados_cmykAvoSeedo comes in four different colors: evergreen, transparent, cyan and pink, and in two retail packages, a single pack that retails for $8 and a three-pack that retails for $20.00. For more information, email Daniel Kalliontzis at AvoSeedo LLC:

European ExcellencyEuropean Excellency will be showing off a gorgeous line of three-ply paper napkins imprinted with a wide variety of floral, abstract, butterfly, food related, Easter and Christmas designs. The napkins are made in Europe, and only environmentally friendly, water-based paints are used for the designs. Luncheon, cocktail, round and snack sizes are available. For more information, call 949.374.7757 or see them in Pavilion 1 at the Las Vegas Market.

Design ImportsIf cloth napkins are a better fit for your customers, consider the Farm Fresh Stripe Napkins from Design Imports (DII). They come in a set of four, and each napkin measures 18 inches square. They’re 100 percent cotton, so they can be machine washed in cold water on the gentle cycle, and they go in the dryer on low heat. The set of four retails for $14.99. See them in the Design Imports Showroom in Building C at Las Vegas Market or call 1.800.344.4115.

Next Step RepsApropos by Home Essentials is debuting the Marble & Mango collection of cheese paddles and cutting boards made from marble and mango wood for a new twist on classic design that echoes the design trend that’s seeing more use of marble in kitchens. The 18-inch-long Brown & White Triangle Marble Cutting Board from the collection retails for $35 to $40, while the 20-inch Brown Round Marble Cutting Board retails for $50 to $60. A set of four White Marble 4-inch Square Coasters retails for $15 to 18. For more information, call Next Step Reps at 760.731.7445 or see them in the Next Step Reps showroom in Building C at the Las Vegas Market.

CTW HomeThe CTW Home Collection offers a vintage-inspired K-cup caddy that’ll fit beautifully into the same kitchen that has a Marble & Mango cheese paddle or cutting board hanging on the wall. The Roast Coffee K-Cup Caddy is 8-1/2 inches wide, 11-3/4 inches tall and 6 inches deep and retails for $45. It’s offered without a minimum order. See it in the CTW Home Collection showroom in Building C in the Las Vegas Market or call 1.800.433.5054.

Top ShelfTop Shelf Glasses is bringing trendy to the table with Double Wall Stemless Wine Glasses. Two pieces of glass are fused together with designs on both glass walls to make glassware that truly makes a statement. They’re dishwasher safe and retail for $17.99. See them in Building C at the Las Vegas Market or find out more by calling 888.808.4001.

Brilliant Imports Ovalate trayA tray has a way of transforming a group of several objects from clutter into a collection, and Brilliant Imports is offering a couple of hand-woven fiber trays from Bali that will lend a subtle note of elegance to just such a tabletop collection or a display of spice bottles or utensils on the kitchen counter. The Circle Rattan Tray is 12 inches in diameter and retails for $55. The Ovalate Tray is hand-woven from ate grass and measures 12 inches wide by 15.75 inches long. It retails for $50. To find out more, email Brilliant Imports, LLC at or see them in Pavilion 1 at the Las Vegas Market.

To the MarketYour food is handmade, so why shouldn’t your table linens be? TO THE MARKET offers a nine piece table top set embellished with delicate kantha stitching. Cotton sari is used to make four napkins, four placemats, and one table runner, all with one solid and one patterned side. Designed by TO THE MARKET, the set is constructed by Basha, a co-op that employs survivors of human trafficking in Bangladesh. Find out more by calling TO THE MARKET at 859-740-9498 or the TO THE MARKET booth at Las Vegas Market.

Totally BambooHonor your veteran with an Official Licensed Military Board from Totally Bamboo. These serving boards would be fantastic for serving cheese or taking out to the patio for next summer’s barbecues, and in between-times, they’ll make a gorgeous plaque to hang on the wall of the man cave, dining room or family room. They’re 12 inches in diameter and retail for $30. For more information, visit the Next Step Reps showroom at Las Vegas Market or call Totally Bamboo at 760.471.6600.

The Las Vegas Market runs January 24-28 in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the Pavilions open January 24-27.

Design Company Seeks Funding to Make Whisky Glass

Global design brand Norlan will launch a Kickstarter campaign on October 27 to fund its game-changing namesake whisky glass. Norlan transforms the way whisky is enjoyed through a design which combines the advanced aromatic delivery of a snifter with the aesthetic virtues of a tumbler. The glass is to be the flagship release in an evolving suite of products dedicated to modernizing the whisky drinking experience.

Norlan was created by internationally renowned Icelandic designer Sruli Recht and further refined with input from master distillers inScotland. A whisky aficionado, Recht searched but found history had yet to produce a truly thoughtful design-response to the unique experience of enjoying fine whisky. A challenge was set.

glassIn developing its glass, Norlan sought to address a key deficiency in the whisky drinking experience – The world of whisky is dominated by two distinct types of glassware: nosing glasses and classic tumblers. While the former do improve the scent delivery of the spirit, they too often concentrate the ethanol vapors, obscuring the subtler flavor notes. These glasses also have the added detriment of turning the drinking experience into an anti-social activity, whereby the head is tilted up and back, cutting the drinker off from their social engagement. Tumblers, on the other hand, have a broad aesthetic appeal and are sociable glasses, but their wide open brims diffuse and flatten out whisky’s complex aromatics.

By combining modern digital technologies and advanced double-walled glassblowing handcraft, Norlan has created a hybrid-designed glass that not only brings together the best qualities of the archetypal tumbler and snifter, but improves upon the essential scent delivery. Through scientific study and bio-mimicry, Norlan has developed a patent pending feature that dramatically increases the rate of oxidization within the glass. This feature, a series of specially positioned protrusions, or “fins,” inside the glass, serves to agitate the liquid, creating ocean-like waveforms that release the ethanol vapors more quickly and deliver the expressive and desirable flavor notes to the drinker.

The Norlan glass will be priced at $48 for a set of two, and will be available at retail in spring of 2016. Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will be able to take advantage of ‘early bird’ offers and an opportunity to get the glass in hand first, along with some special offers specific to the campaign.

Norlan’s 45-day Kickstarter campaign launches Tuesday, October 27, with reward levels that feature boxed sets of the glasses (two, four, six and eight glasses) at discounts of 20-32 percent off the future retail price.

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