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Traeger Grills Rewrites Rules for Cooking with Fire

Traeger Grills, inventor of the wood pellet grill, is changing the way the world thinks about wood-fired cooking with its new Timberline Grill, available now. After spending nearly 30 years tweaking and testing its grills to reach the ultimate perfection of the product, Traeger joins its patented WiFIRE® technology with a new approach to smoking for the category’s most advanced grill to date.

TraegerStarting at $1,699, the Timberline series will make wood-fired cooking more customizable than ever before, giving everyone from backyard heroes to competition pitmasters the power to remotely control their grill from the palms of their hands. The new Traeger App (free and available for download in iOS and Android) makes it easy to not only set the cook time and desired temperature of the grill from afar, but to also check the status of food and adjust settings accordingly. The app also grants access to Traeger’s recipe vault and lets users connect with the worldwide Traeger community to share cooks and get inspired. Traeger’s cutting edge WiFIRE technology gives grillers the ability to store up to four custom cook cycles, making achieving that perfect prize-winning chicken as easy as pushing a button at the next barbecue competition.

Available in two sizes, the Timberline 850 and Timberline 1300 are available for purchase at and at authorized retailers. Its double-wall, commercial grade stainless steel interior controls temperatures between 165 degrees F and 500 degrees F within +/- 5 degrees F – a temperature precision standard previously unheard of in the grilling world. The Timberline’s brand new, patent pending approach to smoke science allows more pure blue smoke to circulate, ensuring foods are infused with only the best hardwood flavor.

BakerStone International Wins Silver Homewares Award for Pizza Oven Box

The BakerStone Pizza Oven Box was named one of the “Best in Class” products entered into the Homewares Awards exhibit at the 2016 National Hardware Show.

Many new products were featured in the Homewares Awards exhibit and top industry professionals, media and buyers voted BakerStone International’s Pizza Oven Box as a top product among the new products displayed.

BakerStone has revolutionized outdoor grilling through its patent pending technologies. It converts most three burner and larger gas grills into an outdoor gourmet pizza oven, cooking Neapolitan pizzas in about three minutes. BakerStone also produces the BakerStone Basics Pizza Oven Box which is designed for charcoal and two burner grills.

After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012, the first Pizza Oven Box hit shelves in 2013. BakerStone products are now available in more than 3,000 fine retailers across the United States and over 20 countries worldwide.

ANYWARE Ceramic/Aluminum Cookware Goes from Campfire to Cookstove

By Lorrie Baumann

ANYWARE™ is a new line of non-stick cast aluminum cookware that’s designed to go from the outdoor grill to the stove indoors and back again. It delivers quality cooking performance along with easy cleanup – even the soot from a campfire will wipe right off.

ANYWARE is made by Little Griddle, a company historically known for cookware designed only for outdoor use. “We knew that we needed a product that could go indoors,” says Jon Stein, the company’s President. At the same time, the company knew that if they decided to produce a line of cookware for indoor use, it still had to perform just as well in the outdoors – the Little Griddle brand and its outdoor-oriented customer base depended on it.

Two years of development work went into the line, which is made from a unique combination of cast aluminum coated inside and outside with a PTFE-free nonstick ceramic that’s compatible with high heat. The pans will go from grill top to stove top, in the oven or over the campfire or outdoor grill. Because the nonstick coating is on the bottom of the pans as well as the sides and the interior, the pans will clean up after they’ve been over a sooty campfire or gas flame with just a wipe from a paper towel or damp cloth.

The cast aluminum makes a pan that’s much lighter than the typical cast iron pan and that heats quickly and evenly. “It’s convenient to carry and easy to maneuver when it’s full of food,” Stein said. “The color and the gloss we get from the high-temperature ceramic is very nice…. We have created a product line that looks as good as it cooks.”

The ceramic surface provides good browning as well as nonstick performance, so it’s particularly accommodating for those dishes that involve browning the protein and then finishing with a pan sauce made in the same skillet, according to Stein. “Flavors stay with the food, not the pan,” he says. “At the same time, ANYWARE browns foods beautifully. We’ve been having a lot of fun cooking dishes that used to be very challenging on the grill.”

The current line includes a classic 12-inch ceramic skillet, available in red and gray; a ceramic double-burner griddle, available in gray; and a ceramic backwall griddle that’s a shape that’s very familiar to Little Griddle’s existing customer base of outdoor enthusiasts. Each of the four items retails for about $60.

Over the next few years, Stein plans to expand the line into a full range for a wide variety of cooking styles. ANYWARE is available for shipment now.

Char-Broil Launches WiFi-Enabled Smokers

Char-Broil, one of the world’s oldest and most respected outdoor cooking companies, made it easier than ever today for consumers to monitor and control the smoking process with the launch of the Simple Smoker ($299) and Digital Electric Smoker ($399) with the Char-Broil app and SmartChef technology. The first of their kind, these smokers sync to your smart device over Wi-Fi utilizing the Char-Broil app, which allows connected users more convenience and freedom than ever before. Users of all skill levels will have an outdoor cooking experience that is all about leveraging innovative technology to consistently create superior taste, perfect cooking techniques and enjoy an effortless smoking routine.

“Although smoked food is universally loved, the complexity and time commitment of the smoking process has always been a barrier,” said Brendan Anderson, Vice President, Marketing and Product Management of Char-Broil. “The two new connected Char-Broil SmartChef smokers make it easier than ever to make perfectly cooked smoked meals without being time consuming. We want to inspire a new generation of smoker consumers who want to monitor their smoker, anytime and anywhere on their connected devices.”

Adding to Char-Broil’s portfolio of innovative products and features consumers can get real-time cooking info through the Char-Broil app and make adjustments as needed, including:

  • Meat temperature
  • Estimated cook time and done time
  • Chamber temperature

When users are connected to their home network, they have the ability to control and adjust these settings at their fingertips. But – unlike other competing products – once users are out of their network range, they can continue to monitor the smoker from the Char-Broil app.

Signaled by an integrated meat probe, the app will send notifications at key cooking times, so users never need to worry about overcooking or continuously checking their meats. The app also provides a preprogrammed library of recipes for the amateur or adventurous cookers and is compatible with iOS and Android phones.

The Simple Smoker and Digital Electric Smoker can be used on patios, balconies, rooftop terraces and decks of all sizes. Their performance features include:

  • Integrated meat temperature probe: The probe senses the internal meat temperature throughout the cooking cycle and sends the info to the Char-Broil app. When the target internal meat temp is reached, the app sends a notification indicating that the food is done cooking and automatically drops the smoker temp to a warming temp until you are ready to eat.
  • Standard 120V power: The smokers operate off a standard 120V electrical outlet, making temperature control easy to maintain and giving cooks the freedom to move away from their smokers for long periods.
  • The Digital Electric Smoker: The bigger of the SmartChef Smokers has a large four-cup capacity wood chip box that will smoke up to 6.5 hours at 225 degrees, which is about eight times longer than competing electric smokers.
  • The Simple Smoker: Features an intuitive and easy-to-use design with the versatility to smoke at low temperatures or roast with high heat.

Both are perfectly suited for holiday meals and everyday use. The Digital Electric Smoker gives users long lasting smoke and more capacity allowing for large meal preparations, while the Simple Smoker offers convenience and versatility, allowing users to slowly smoke a brisket at a low temperature or safely fry a turkey to perfection without oil.

The Simple Smoker and Digital Electric Smoker are available for purchase on the Char-Broil website and Amazon.

Villeroy & Boch Ultimate BBQ Receives Red Dot Design Award

Villeroy & Boch UltimateBBQThe tableware division of Villeroy & Boch has once again won over the 38-person jury of the Red Dot Design Award to win an award for The Ultimate BBQ collection. The new collection consists of selected items for barbecuing, which were developed to satisfy the wide range of grill dishes. The modular assortment consists of plates, platters and accessories for grilled food to be stylishly served and eaten with pleasure.

The series made of premium porcelain includes steak plates for fish, meat or burgers in various sizes, with compartments for barbecue sauces and trimmings, that prevent marinades and dressings from mixing together. Grilled steaks and skewered vegetables stay nice and juicy on the elongated plate or the big fish platter with drip grooves. A three-fold divided spice dish, a dessert bowl, dip bowls and a wooden carrier for standard barbecue sauce bottles round off the series. Very much under the banner of style mix and individualization, the series offers manifold combination options with the Artesano Original collection which was an award winner in 2013.

UltimateBBQThe international panel of Red Dot jury experts assessed a total of 4,928 entries from 56 nations for Red Dot consideration. The official award ceremony takes place on 29th June, 2015 in the scope of a Red Dot Gala with more than 1,200 guests in the Aalto Theatre in Essen. After that, Ultimate BBQ and the other winning designs of the Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2015 will be presented in the Red Dot Design Yearbook, on the Red Dot website and as a poster in the Red Dot Design Museum.

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