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Prodyne Infuse & Chill Review

By Micah Cheek

Fruit-infused water is having its moment in the sun, being extolled by detoxification fans and advocates of healthier beverages in general. Prodyne’s Infuse & Chill fruit infusion ice molds promise to start the infusion process in the freezer, getting fruit flavors into water in the form of fruit-filled ice.

According to Prodyne, the Infuse & Chill uses the expansion of water turning into ice to massage flavors out of the fruit as it freezes. This allowed me to use large pieces of fruit, and I wasn’t required to macerate anything. Soggy fruit chunks weren’t a problem.

For my infusion, I filled my mold with ginger, apple, pear and orange pieces. The remainder of the space in the mold was then filled with water before the lid was sealed on. The mold’s lid sealed well, enough that I was able to store the mold on its side in the freezer rather than standing up as recommended. When I took the mold out of the freezer, I was surprised at how easily my infusion icicle loosed itself from the mold. Furthermore, the icicle was surprisingly solid and rattled around in my bottle without breaking apart before I added water.

My icicle started changing the water’s flavor immediately. The more volatile compounds in the ginger and orange were released first, giving the water a spicy, citrusy taste until the rest of the flavors came out to play. Everything blended into a fruity, vegetal taste that was refreshing without getting too sweet. I was pleasantly surprised to get this much flavor without mashing any fruit, shaking the bottle, or letting the water sit all day to infuse. The mold and lid both cleaned up nicely in the dishwasher, and the squishable silicone made storage easy. At a suggested retail price of $14.99 per set, the Infuse & Chill is a functional product for infusion fans.


Prodyne Takes Fruit Infusion to Another Level

For years, people have enjoyed refreshing fruit infused beverages with Prodyne’s popular Fruit Infusion pitchers, bottles and carafes. Now Prodyne introduces a whole new way to bring ice cold natural fruit infused flavor to your water bottle.

Visit Prodyne at booth #S423.

The new INFUSE & CHILL™ Fruit Infusion Ice Molds provide an easy and convenient way to enjoy rich natural fruit flavored beverages. With this set of two BPA free silicone molds, users can now transform their hydration and sports bottles, or an ordinary water pitcher or tall glass, to create the perfect ice cold, all natural fruit infused beverage to enjoy at home or on the go. Users simply fill the ice mold with fresh cut fruit/s of their choice; add water, seal the lid and place in the freezer.

Scott McArdle, President, notes, “True fruit infusion takes time, so as the water freezes the ice becomes infused with the natural flavors from the fruit. The infusion process is enhanced by the expanding water-to-ice transformation by applying gentle pressure on the fruit to release its deep flavor. The result is a highly fruit infused icicle for rich flavor right away … and ice cold.”

When ready to use, simply drop the fruit infused icicle into your hydration bottle, pitcher or tall glass. Another important feature is that resulting fruit infused icicle being indeed “ice,” so the consumer also gets an ice cold drink without having to add ice cubes. Once the fruit infused icicle is dropped into the water bottle and filled with water, the icicle will immediately start to release its fruit flavoring. The fruit itself has already done its full job of flavoring the icicle during the freezing process, so there is no waiting for the ice to melt and then wait for the fruit to do its thing. The user will enjoy a natural fruit flavored ice cold beverage in a matter of a few minutes. Perfect for enjoying at home, but also convenient for on the go, work, the gym and more.

INFUSE & CHILL Fruit Infusion Ice Molds can conveniently be pre-prepped at the same time and stored in the freezer so they are ready to enjoy at any time. The fresh flavor will always be preserved while frozen.

Prodyne created the fruit infusion craze when it introduced the Fruit Infusion Pitcher in 2009. The INFUSE & CHILL Fruit Infusion Ice Mold is the latest addition to Prodyne’s collection of quality infusion beverageware, including pitchers, bottles and carafes, now giving people even more options to create healthy flavorful beverages any time.

For more information, call 800.822.4776.

The Tea Zinger from Zing Anything

Wake up to a lemon-ginger Zinger!

Now you can create the perfect tea blend by combining your favorite teas with fresh flavors. Grate fresh ginger, turmeric root or lemon zest to make hot or iced flavored teas, and use the citrus reamer to make detoxifying warm lemon water. And if you haven’t heard, try adding some cayenne pepper and some honey to your warm lemon water. It’s all the rage and is nearly guaranteed to get you through flu season without a scratch on you.

Zing Anything PFThe Tea Zinger is double-wall 18/8 Stainless steel, BPA free and dishwasher safe. Also includes a removable loose leaf steeper basket, and will stay hot or cold for four to six hours. Available in White and Black. Grater and citrus press accessories are included.


Tervis Launches New Star Wars Collection

Tervis ShowDesignImage (1)Tervis released its brand new “Force Awakens” tumbler designs for the latest installment of the Star Wars movie franchise. Tervis’ Star Wars tumbler collection has always been a popular favorite with consumers through the years and Tervis expects Star Wars fans to rush to stores to add the newest designs to their Star Wars merchandise collection.

Tervis ShowDesignImage (2)Tervis is dedicated to bringing people closer to their passions, interests and hobbies through the cups they use. The new “Force Awakens” designs are the perfect way for Star Wars fans across the galaxy to unite and display their love for the franchise. They’re also the ultimate must-have for playing the new Star Wars video game, having a Star Wars marathon with friends and family, and bringing The Force with you on the go.

All Tervis products are highly durable and feature a Made for Life™ Guarantee. Tervis products will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold; are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe; reduce condensation; and are BPA-free.

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Lifefactory, Inc. Closes $5M Growth Equity Financing

Lifefactory Bottle LineupLifefactory, Inc., one of the fastest growing housewares companies in the U.S., announced that it has closed a Series C growth equity financing of $5 million. The round was led by Silas Capital, with a $4 million investment, and participation from all major shareholders: Greenhouse Capital Partners, dCapital, FOFM and Big Sky Partners.

The latest round of financing comes as a result of the sustained expansion and performance of Lifefactory’s business, and will be used to further the brand’s continued impressive growth. The Company has increased revenue by over 750 percent in the last five years and has been profitable since 2012. The capital will be used to expand the team, accelerate product development and build the brand.

Lifefactory is a pioneer in reusable glass water bottles, baby bottles, and food storage solutions. Its products are made in the U.S. and E.U., and are available in over 3,000 premium retail locations and in over 20 countries. Retail partners include, Bed Bath & Beyond and Whole Foods Market. Lifefactory’s glass water bottles have been bestsellers in Whole Foods Market, as well as in the broader natural and specialty channel, for consecutive years.

“We believe we have a significant opportunity to help our customers live healthier and happier lives,” said Roy Mabrey, CEO of Lifefactory, Inc. “We have expanded from an initial line of baby bottles to a full assortment of product for happy, healthy families and believe we can leverage our brand platform to continue to deliver dramatic growth globally,” continued Mabrey.

Along with this financing, Carter Weiss, a Managing Partner of Silas Capital, will join the company’s Board of Directors. “The demand for healthy lifestyle brands, especially authentic ones like Lifefactory whose products are made from exceptionally high-quality materials, will continue to grow,” said Carter Weiss. “Lifefactory has great retail partnerships and strong patent protection for their innovations. They’ve also built a uniquely trusted brand with loyal and passionate customers. We are excited to be a partner to help them unlock their potential as a global brand,” added Weiss.

Learn more about Lifefactory at

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