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Duromatic Micro Microwave Pressure Cooker from Kuhn Rikon

Kuhn Rikon introduces a new concept in cookware: the Duromatic® Micro Microwave Pressure Cooker. This Swiss-designed innovation combines pressure cooking and microwaving for a fast and easy route to tasty, nutritious home cooked meals. The Duromatic Micro stands out for its speed, ease of use, and energy efficiency.

It outperforms conventional cookware for fast meal preparation. Pressure cooking reduces cooking times by up to 70 percent, and microwaving takes about a half or a third of the time it would take on the stove – so the combination of the two is unbeatable for speed.

Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Micro_red3Fast cooking makes home cooking easier for time-pressed consumers, and it has nutritional benefits. Prolonged heating can degrade and damage the vitamins and minerals in food. Speed cooking is regarded as the best cooking method for preserving vitamins and minerals – in addition to aromatic taste and texture.

“The development of the Duromatic® pressure cooker is based on the practical idea of cooking in a faster, healthier and energy-saving way,” said Pascal Gull, Product Manager.

The Duromatic Micro is energy efficient, and highly cost effective, because it makes cooking at home fast and doable.

Constructed with the attention to detail for which Kuhn Rikon is known, the Duromatic Micro features an accurate pressure indicator and two safety elements that protect against excess pressure. There are foldout handles on the sides and a locking lid that secures to the base.

Anyone accustomed to conventional microwave cooking will be excited by the versatility of the Duromatic Micro. It comes with a recipe book with 40 delicious recipes – such as Cauliflower and Carrot Curry and Nutella Chocolate Bake – plus a quick reference guide for beans, grains and vegetables.

The Kuhn Rikon Duromatic® Micro Microwave Pressure Cooker has a 4-quart capacity and comes in Red with Red Accents or Grey with Green Accents. It is available for immediate shipment, with a suggested retail price of $60.

New Teorema Cookware Showcases High Design and Excellent Performance

Italian cookware manufacturer TVS S.P.A. introduces Teorema, a dazzling line of pots and pans designed by Michael Graves Design, one of the world’s most innovative design brands, at the International Home + Housewares Show.

The 13-year-old “Kitchen Twins,” Emily and Lyla Allen, will use the cookware in preparing family-style Italian dishes at the show on Sunday, March 19 from 12 noon to 3 p.m. in the TVS booth. Having grown up around the natural food business in an entrepreneurial household, the Kitchen Twins have been blogging about healthy eating and cooking since they were nine years old. Beyond the blog, they appear in national media, teach cooking classes, and serve as spokespeople for global brands like Teorema cookware.

The Teorema line, which can be used on all types of stovetops and in the oven, feature eye-catching curves, smart materials and distinctive design to enrich the cooking experience from beginning to end. The high-gauge aluminum material guarantees that heat will be distributed evenly and the temperature will remain stable. Three layers of TopTek Pro, TVS’ quality non-stick coating, provide excellent resistance to scratching and abrasion, as well as better cooking results and easy clean-up.

A team of MGD designers focused from the outset on the distinguishing features of each piece of Teorema cookware, from the body to the handles and lids. “The result is a design where each piece is so much more than just the sum of its parts,” says Donald Strum, Principal, Product Design, of Michael Graves Design.

The special profile of the Teorema cookware handles forms a curve that can naturally be used as a spoon rest during cooking, preventing food residue from meeting the cooking surface or with countertops. Handles are comfortable, secure and responsive in the hand with or without an oven mitt or potholder. Glass lids make it easy to see the cooking process and are simple to clean. The quality connection between the body of each piece and its handle offers maximum strength and durability.

“Because of the special attention paid to every detail, Teorema cookware helps improve the cooking process, offering cooks at every level an even better kitchen experience,” Bertozzini said.

This brand new line of cookware will be available in the summer of 2017, ranging in price from $74 to $150.

Practical and Pretty to Be Presented at IH+HS

By Lorrie Baumann

Expect a wide variety of practical items to augment the working kitchen of the everyday cook at this year’s International Home + Housewares Show. The show will feature the same four expos as it has in the recent past, with Dine + Design moved into the North Hall. Tom Mirabile, the International Housewares Association’s trend expert and the Senior Vice President, Global Trend & Design at Lifetime Brands, will once again offer a keynote speech in which he will explore the latest findings on American consumers, while Leatrice Eiseman, IHA’s color expert and the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, will speak about this year’s consumer color preferences. A banquet of industry insights will be spread each day in the Innovation Theater, and the line-up of celebrity chefs scheduled to appear includes Geoffrey Zakarian, Tyler Florence, Stephanie Izard, Todd English and Rick Bayless, among others.

More than 2,100 exhibitors will be in the exhibit hall to show off this year’s innovations for today’s home cooks. Housewares manufacturers are responding to a culture in which consumers have more choices than ever before about how they’ll obtain and prepare their daily food, and home cooks range from those who cook almost every day to those who use their kitchen appliances only rarely. Americans spend about 45 minutes a day shopping for their food, about an hour a day preparing their meals and cleaning up after them, and just over an hour a day eating and drinking, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Americans are increasingly likely to buy their food already prepared and bring it home to eat it or to buy their dinners from a meal kit delivery service that gives them the opportunity to cook their meals without devoting much time or effort to either shopping or ingredient preparation. Despite that, the vast majority of Americans still say that cooking at home is their preferred way to prepare their meals, and more men are in the kitchen than ever before.

IMG_9313Especially for Millennial-generation consumers whose enthusiasm about cooking at home may outrun their skills, Zyliss has spent two years developing its new Control knife set, which is designed to perform well no matter how the cook holds it. A high-quality German steel blade, contoured handle, an accommodating bolster, a handle with antimicrobial protection and dishwasher safety all combine to work well for inexperienced home cooks. “We’re not asking consumers to learn to use this knife. We’re meeting them where they are,” said Associate Marketing Manager Bridget Cundelan. “Whatever way you want to hold it, it fits…. You can use the pinch grip, but you can also hold it the way you do it, and it’s comfortable. You don’t feel like you’re going to cut yourself.” Control is offered in open stock and a range of sets, with 16 pieces in a knife block retailing for $179.99.

IMG_9292The knife block offers sheathing inserts in one size to fit any of the slots and to fit any of the knives. They’re removable to go into the dishwasher, and they feature the same 99.9 percent effective antimicrobial action as the knife handles. A small block with five slots retails for $39.99, which the 17-slot knife block retails for $69.99.

Emile Henry is debuting the La Marmite Stockpot, a new soup pot for cooking and serving that’s made in France from burgundy clay. It’s based on a dutch oven design, but it’s taller and a little sleeker, so it’ll work well with an immersion blender for pureeing soups, and it goes on the stovetop as well as in the oven. The upturned rim is designed to avoid spills during cooking or drips from a ladle, and the snug-fitting lid helps retain heat at the table. It’s dishwasher safe. Capacity is 4.25 quarts, and it’s available in Burgundy and Charcoal. The La Marmite Stockpot will retail for $130, and it’ll be available to ship at the time of the show.

T-fal extra wide peeler closerT-fal is coming out with an extra-wide peeler with an extra-sharp micro-etched blade that’s great for peeling large or hard vegetables like a butternut squash or for shaving curls of hard cheese off the block. It will retail for $10.99.





MP_Specialty Series_Bar Tool_41060_overheadMicroplane is introducing several new products at this year’s IH+HS, including the Ultimate Bar Tool, which like one of those all-purpose tools that hangs from a handyman’s belt and does a bit of everything, depending on what he needs to do. It has a peeler, a muddler, a cocktail stirrer, a knife blade, a channel knife for making long twists of citrus zest, a zester and even a scorer to help with the peeling of tough-rinded citrus. With a comfortable soft-grip handle in black with white accents, the Ultimate Bar Tool will be available in March and will retail for about $14.95.

The new 2-in-1 Core & Peel from Microplane features a serrated stainless steel coring blade and two sharpened edges to separate and extract an apple or pear’s core easily. There’s also a straight peeler on the bottom of the handle. The soft-grip handle is bright red with white accents. The 2-in-1 Core & Peel ships in March and will retail for $12.95.

34735 twist and zest WHITE BACKGROUNDThere’s also a 3-in-1 Twist & Zest from Microplane, which eliminates the need for multiple gadgets to squeeze fresh juice, as well as zest, peel and create garnish twists from oranges, lemons, limes and other citrus fruit. A clear protective cap is included for the twist tool for safety when not used and during storage. Twist & Zest will retail for $12.95 and has a green handle with white accents.

Kuhn Rikon has a nifty little Click ‘n Curl Spiralizer that comes as a set of a julienne peeler and a straight-edge peeler and two cones that click around the blade to guide vegetables into the blade. To use it, the vegetable is fitting into the cone, and then the peeler is twisted to make vegetable noodles or ribbons. A large cone can be used for zucchini, potatoes or cucumbers, while the smaller cone is for carrots, parsnips or broccoli stalks. It will be available this summer to retail for $18.

Kuhn Rikon caddyKuhn Rikon also has a handy Utensil Caddy that holds up to 25 cooking utensils and tools. The caddy spins to make tools easy to reach, it comes apart for easy cleaning, and silicone feet on the base help hold it steady on the counter. It’s shipping in March and will retail for $30.
Dexas is offering 15 skus in The Mix Collection of cutting boards, made of eco-friendly bamboo paired with polyboard inserts in granite and marble finishes that are friendly to blades and food-safe. The boards are designed for both prep work and the beauty of wood for food presentation. They’ll retail for $29.99.

And because people aren’t the only ones walking around in the kitchen, Dexas has come up with the MudBuster™, a gentle paw washer for the family dogs. An array of soft, gentle silicone bristles inside a tumbler gently brushes mud from the dog’s paws into warm water in the tumbler. The device comes in three sizes, it’s easy to use, and it’s already a hit at pet product shows, so it’s worth taking a look at in booth #S138 at IH+HS.

Bodum coffee makerFinally, the e-PEBO siphon coffeemaker from Bodum, which has an electrically powered base that heats water added to the bowl of a carafe. Grounds are added into the bowl of a glass funnel, and as the water is heated, it’s forced as steam up the stem of the funnel to the coffee grounds. Then when the coffee reaches 201 degrees Fahrenheit, a vacuum formed in the pot draws it back down to stay warm until it’s served. The entire cycle takes 12 minutes, and since the coffee is actually brewed with steam rather than boiling water, additional oils are extracted from the beans to make a coffee with a very smooth flavor, and the aromas circulate through the coffee as it brews for an extra dimension of flavor. “It’s a seamless way of making coffee, and it’s very, very convenient,” said Daniel Kvist, who does marketing and sales for Bodum.

Meyer Bolsters Celebrity Roster with New Ayesha Curry Lifestyle Brand

Building on its impressive roster of celebrity collaborations, Meyer U.S. is teaming up with Ayesha Curry – New York Times best-selling cookbook author and Food Network host – to introduce the Ayesha Curry® lifestyle brand. Launching this fall at retail nationwide, Meyer’s newest brand in its celebrity division will feature a full line-up of products in cookware, bakeware, stoneware, cast iron, kitchen tools and gadgets, and warm beverage items.

“We’re delighted to collaborate with the very talented Ayesha Curry, and warmly welcome her to our portfolio of celebrity brands,” says Darrin Johnston, Managing Director of Meyer U.S. “At Meyer, we’re very deliberate about the brands and collections we bring to market, and each one has its own distinct personality and place in the market. The Ayesha Curry consumer is in prime household creation years, often with a young family, and has a design aesthetic that is eclectic, sophisticated, welcoming, and on-trend. We believe there is an opportunity to better serve this new and growing consumer across many housewares categories with a design and personality that is uniquely Ayesha,” says Johnston.

To ensure authenticity, which is of paramount importance to both Ayesha Curry and the target consumer, all product categories reflect Curry’s own perspective on design, cooking, entertaining, and family life. In the spirit of true collaboration, Ayesha Curry, who resides near Meyer’s headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, has been actively involved in all stages of product development with Meyer’s team.

“It’s truly a dream come true to partner with Meyer in creating products for the kitchen, which is where I grew up, and is still the most important place for me now that I’m raising my own family with Steph,” says Ayesha Curry, referring to husband Stephen Curry. “It’s extremely important to me to be involved in all the details, from choosing Pantone colors, finishes, and design features, to selecting the shape of my cookware handles. I hope that my line inspires people to get in the kitchen, roll up their sleeves, and enjoy the whole experience of preparing and sharing meals with their family and friends. My goal is to make cooking effortless, chic, and most importantly, fun!”

Declaring herself first and foremost a mom to daughters Riley and Ryan, Ayesha Curry is known for her popular blog and YouTube channel “Little Lights of Mine,” which focuses on healthy living through food, faith and her breezy approach to tasting all that life has to offer. Her channel, which has garnered viewership in the millions and a vast, loyal following, led Ayesha Curry to penning her recently published and highly acclaimed cookbook, The Seasoned Life – Food, Family, Faith and the Joy of Eating Well – and the launch of her own successful show on Food Network which will air its second series this spring 2017. In addition, Ayesha Curry is a restaurateur with partner Chef Michael Mina.

“We believe that Ayesha is an inspiring role model. Her authenticity and integrity in how she lives her life and is raising her family are a great fit with Meyer,” says Johnston.

Ayesha Curry will be at Meyer’s booth during the 2017 International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago, where she will meet with retailers and offer signed copies of her cookbook. Additionally, Ayesha Curry is scheduled to appear for a cooking demonstration at the show’s Cooking Theater on Sunday, March 19, 3:00 p.m. local time.

Other brands in the Meyer Celebrity division include Rachael Ray®, Paula Deen® and Cake Boss™. Meyer Corporation, U.S., one of the largest cookware companies in the United States, also offers the following brands: Anolon®, Circulon®, Breville®, Farberware®, BonJour®, and SilverStone®.

TEAM USA Brings Home Bocuse d’Or Gold with Mauviel 1830

MauvielMauviel 1830, a sponsor of Bocuse d’Or® 2017, proudly watched its cookware put to the test in this year’s finale that culminated with a TEAM USA win. For the first time in the 30-year history of Bocuse d’Or, which is one of the world’s most prestigious gastronomic competitions in the world, TEAM USA brought home the gold.

Every two years, the world final of the Bocuse d’Or contest brings together chefs who have won competitions in their national and then continental selection events: Bocuse Europe, Bocuse Asia-Pacific and Bocuse Latin America.

Mauviel, a family owned business since its creation in 1830 in Villedieu les Poêles Manche, is a lead sponsor in the culminating Bocuse d’Or event,” explains Valerie Le Guern Gilbert, the 7th generation Mauviel at the helm of the company. “This event is significant for us because acclaimed chefs have used our cookware in the privacy of their professional and personal kitchens for more than 186 years. Bocuse d’Or, the Olympics of the culinary world, takes our cookware out of these working kitchens and places it onto the world stage for all to see.”

For information about Mauviel and Bocuse d’Or 2017, visit

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