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Keeping College Kids Cooking

By Micah Cheek

It’s time for parents to prepare their kids for college, and kitchenware has an important place in keeping students fed and happy.

College housing is notoriously persnickety about what kinds of appliances are allowed inside. One major college forbids the use of all of the following for use inside a dorm room: Coffee makers, hot plates, toasters, toaster ovens, popcorn poppers and any other electrical appliance with a heating element. This leaves students with only a microwave if they don’t want to use a hall kitchen. Luckily, the microwave doesn’t have to limit a student to Hot Pockets. Silicone and plastic steamers and microwave containers like those from Lekue make it easy to steam vegetables, cook eggs and even boil pasta using only the microwave. For more information, visit

Approved appliances can be used in hall kitchens, and having a stovetop or an oven available opens up lots of options. Chef Will Brown from Atlanta, Georgia recommends some basic tools to get the best out of a kitchen when pressed for time and space. Having one appliance that can complete a number of tasks is a big help. Brown recommends a pressure cooker with some smart technology to make things easier. “You’re able to make three to four meals in minutes. It measures everything for you. You put it in the pot and it weighs it and sets the time for you,” says Brown. The new Electric Pressure Cooker from T-fal is designed to function as a versatile and easy-to-use tool in the home kitchen. The pressure cooker has 12 automatic functions, including Rice, Oatmeal, Slow Cook, Reheat, Soup, Baking, Yogurt, Baby Food, Brown, Pressure Cook and DIY. This multicooker has a delayed start and is an even easier alternative to stovetop pressure cooking, and carries a suggested retail price of $99.99. For more information, visit Remember to check colleges’ guidelines, because some schools allow more or different small electrics than others.

Thick-walled aluminum pans are a great pick for everyday searing and frying, and the light weight can make it easier for students to use and store. “Cast aluminum is not that heavy, and you still get that even distribution,” says Brown. Nordicware has nonstick-coated cast aluminum saute skillets in both eight and 10 inch sizes with suggested retail prices ranging from $60 to $80. For more information, visit

Chef Brown also recommends outfitting a basic set of flavoring options. “Have a base of garlic powder, onion powder and oregano; those always make the meal taste great,” says Brown. “Then make it into your own. Some people like green onion — you can use it in anything.”

Hammer Stahl Introduces American Clad Cookware

Hammer Stahl is introducing American Clad Cookware – American-made, seven-ply, surgical stainless-steel cookware, crafted by hand in Clarksville, Tennessee. Hammer Stahl American Clad Cookware is part of a long line of world-class kitchen products made in the USA. As a premier brand of New Era, the company has a manufacturing legacy extending back to 1874.

“We take pride in our cookware being constructed of American steel and crafted in Clarksville, Tennessee,” said Bobby Griggs, Vice President, Hammer Stahl. “While we became well-known for our premium German steel cutlery, our cookware line has grown remarkably, and we want to clearly share its great history with our customers. We are proud to be American owned and operated, offering chef-quality American-made products. ”

Hammer Stahl American Clad Cookware combines a legacy of superior craftsmanship with a distinctive multiclad stainless steel to create the very finest home cooking experience. Designed for flavorful, low-fat cooking, this cookware is made with seven-ply multiclad stainless steel to transfer heat evenly and efficiently. This cooking system helps retain more vitamins and minerals in every recipe by cooking the food in its own juices. Surgical-grade stainless steel with titanium is durable, easy to clean and will not react chemically with food, making it safe for food storage.

Each piece of cookware is meticulously polished and inspected by hand. “We craft Hammer Stahl cookware with the same care we know our customers use to create wonderful meals for their family,” said Griggs.

Crafted by Hand, Crafted with Purpose

An emphasis on quality and pride in workmanship has been a key success factor in Hammer Stahl’s history. As a family-owned business, the company’s goal is to provide customers with exceptional quality at a fantastic value and to make cooking at home easy and enjoyable. But that’s not the whole story. According to Griggs, the real story is the team behind these world class products.

“The competitive advantage of manufacturing in the U.S. is the passion, purpose and dedication to quality by our employees. They make products that their friends, family and neighbors will benefit from using daily. This mindfulness creates a sense of pride and attention to detail that you simply cannot recreate when the manufacturing process is fundamentally separated from the final user,” he said. “We are in the crafting business, and we believe that this is something that consumers highly value in the goods they purchase.”

American Clad Cookware is about creating quality products and jobs in the heartland of this country, and doing so with a mission in mind. Given a choice between a product made in the U.S. and an identical one made abroad, research shows that most Americans would rather buy the American product.

Meyer Debuts Anolon Vesta Cast Iron and Stoneware in New Umber

Anolon Vesta image for webFollowing the success of Anolon® Advanced™ Umber, a rich brown hue offered in Anolon hard anodized cookware, Umber is the newest color addition to Anolon Vesta™ Cast Iron cookware and Anolon Vesta Stoneware. The new Umber color in Vesta Cast Iron and Vesta™ Stoneware will be available at retail nationwide in June 2017.

Anolon Vesta Cast Iron cookware merges cast iron’s superior durability and heat retention with distinctive stovetop-to-oven-to-table style and performance. The nonreactive, matte black enamel cooking surface resists stains and does not require seasoning, while the beautiful porcelain enamel exterior – now offered in rich, warm Umber – is both easy to clean and beautiful to display. The self-basting lid features a nubbed-interior for natural redistribution of flavorful cooking liquid back into the pot for continuous self-basting properties. The lid also features an elegant and generously proportioned stainless steel handle large enough to fit an oven mitt. Similarly, side handles are styled with a wide flare to make them easier to hold. For the ultimate in versatility and convenience, each item in the collection is suitable for all ranges, including induction cooktops, and is oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Anolon Vesta Cast Iron cookware in new Umber is offered in a 10-inch Skillet; 12-inch Skillet; 4 Quart Oval Dutch Oven; 5 Quart Covered Braiser; 5 Quart Round Covered Dutch Oven and 7 Quart Round Covered Dutch Oven. Other colors offered in Anolon Vesta Cast Iron include Paprika Red and Cobalt Blue.

Complementing Anolon’s cast iron cookware is the elegantly styled Anolon Vesta Stoneware collection of durable oven-to-table bakers, casseroles, ramekins, and more. Made of non-reactive and stain-resistant stoneware with a rich glaze in solid hues, each item features sturdy flared side handles for easy lifting and carrying from the oven or cook top to the table. All items are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe, and oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Anolon Vesta Stoneware is available in new Umber as well as Paprika Red, Pumpkin Orange and Cobalt Blue.

Red Dot Award for Single Serve Steamer from Tomorrow’s Kitchen

The new Single Serve Steamer from Tomorrow’s Kitchen garnered the coveted 2017 Red Dot Award for innovative product design. The Red Dot Award jury of 39 experts selected this steamer as one of the best products of the year from a field of 5,500 product entries. The Red Dot Award program has been marking outstanding international product design with its famous dot since 1955.

SingleServeSteamer_TKThe Single Serve Steamer is designed so cooks can prepare healthy, nutritious meals fast. The borosilicate glass bowl and silicone lid steams foods in the microwave in minutes without losing minerals or vitamins or colors and flavors. A small vent at the top of the lid allows a small amount of steam to escape, preventing pressure from building up while maintaining moisture and nutrients in the food. Some foods naturally produce excess water, which can be drained from the steamer through the opening on the lip of the lid so cooks don’t have to dirty a colander. The tabs on the silicone lid serve as mini potholders allowing cooks to safely remove the steamer from the microwave oven.

The steamer’s slightly oblong design makes good use of space in the microwave so cooks can fit three of the steamers into a standard-size microwave oven. Both the bowl and the lid are dishwasher safe. The steamer retails for $14.99 and is available in gray or green.

The product is designed and manufactured in Europe by the International Innovation Company, the parent company of Tomorrow’s Kitchen and Vacu Vin. The United States subsidiary is based in Indian Trail, North Carolina.

Granite Ware Updates Packaging to Appeal to Younger Consumers

Granite·Ware®, the original speckled porcelain on steel cookware that has been produced since 1871 and has helped generations of families turn holiday feasts and everyday meals into cherished memories, is reinventing its packaging. It now reflects a brighter, simpler, more natural expression of the brand while celebrating its legacy and reaching a whole new generation of consumers. What’s old is new again.

When younger consumers were asked what they were looking for in cookware, the characteristics most sought after were those that are inherent in Granite·Ware and have been since its beginning. Made local – Granite·Ware is made in Indiana. All-natural – Granite·Ware is just glass fused to steel. Chemical free – Granite·Ware contains no PFOA, PTFE or any harmful chemicals that will alter the color, taste or nutritional value of food. Healthy cooking – Granite·Ware surface is naturally nonstick and requires little to no added fat for healthy cooking.
The authenticity of the brand’s healthy features that have been a part of the product since its beginning are now brought to the forefront in an easy to read packaging format. With one quick glance a consumer can see that the use of the cookware is healthy, provides pure taste, is safe to use and has been approved for use by generations of families.

The logo is now a graphic simulation of the actual porcelain on steel finish – white speckles on a dark background, while the tag line “the original all natural” reinforces the originality and legacy of the brand. The hexagon that now encases the Granite·Ware name completes the logo with its rounded corners to naturally reflect the round shapes and round handles of the Granite·Ware pots and pans. The bold, sun-fire yellow background of the packaging situated behind the dark logo helps the packaging to pop at shelf and against the product’s dark porcelain finish, instilling a confident choice in the consumer.

The round graphics off to the sides of the logo are affectionately known as “pods” and are there to educate and communicate the strongest qualities of each piece of cookware. For example, the covered roasters tout the juices and flavors that are preserved during cooking while the pots with steamers applaud the pure taste and healthy nutrients that are retained in the food.

Granite·Ware has been a mainstay in American kitchens for nearly 150 years. Some things get better with age and some things are best just as they are – the healthy, all natural qualities of Granite·Ware have been and continue to be best just as they are. A little bit of package tweaking though, never hurts.

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