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New Faces Leading The Metal Ware Corporation – NESCO

The Metal Ware Corporation, parent company of: NESCO, American Harvest, and now Chard, introduces new leaders and owners: Rick Carey (President); and Ross Niemi (Executive Vice-President/COO).

Carey and Niemi take over this 96-year-old family company during a time of tremendous change in the housewares industry. Acquisitions of legacy companies by publicly traded brand houses have restricted the choices available to retailers and consumers alike. Privately owned companies like Metal Ware represent a dwindling minority of companies in the housewares industry, and Niemi and Carey are confident that this will set them apart from competitors.

“As a privately owned company, our ability to identify consumer trends, develop long-term strategic goals and streamline decision making will provide us with a competitive advantage over large public companies. At Metal Ware, we can quickly adjust and make changes to meet our customer and retailers’ needs,” said Niemi.

Carey and Niemi are taking over in Wes Drumm’s footsteps. Drumm will still be instrumental with the company as co-owner and Chairman of the board, adding to his 70 years of experience with Metal Ware.

Gourmia Introduces Two Smart Kitchen IoT Products for the Modern Chef

Gourmia™ introduces the perfect solutions for people who want to use the latest technology to cook healthy and delicious meals: Wi-Fi. The company’s new Turbo Cook Center & Air Fryer and Sous Vide Precision Cooker Immersion Pod are both IoT Wi-Fi enabled. The free companion apps take a chef through cooking step-by-step, and then allow them to easily manage the cooking function, temperature, duration, and end time on either product from anywhere there is an Internet connection, no matter how far they are from home.

gourmia“Wi-Fi is not just for checking social media or getting on the Internet, it’s also a time saver for cooks,” remarked Sam Ash, Gourmia Chief Marketing Officer. “Making healthy, delicious meals at home just became easier for today’s busy chef with the new app enabled Air Fryer and Sous Vide Pod from Gourmia. Users are not only walked through recipes from renowned chefs, they can also control cooking functions so if they are working late, stuck in traffic, running errands or doing something with the kids, they can make sure the perfect meal is ready when they walk in the door. Best of all, the app notifies users when each meal is ready, and allows them to keep track of progress along the way.”

Availability and Pricing
Both of these Wi-Fi-enabled Gourmia cooking tools are available now at for a holiday special introduction price, where some orders may qualify for free shipping. The Turbo Cook Center and Air Fryer (GTA2800) is available for $149.99; the Sous Vide Precision Cooker Immersion Pod (GSV150) is available for $119.99.

Kitchen Appliances for Student Life

By Micah Cheek

The class of 2020 is moving into their dorms, and equipping them with the kitchen appliances they need is a delicate dance. About 20 million students attended American colleges and universities last year, according to the U.S. Department of Education, and the number of people in this age group is growing and is expected to keep growing over the next few decades.

Universities have detailed rules on what kinds of appliances are allowed in student housing. At the University of Arizona, for instance, the only refrigerators allowed in dorm rooms are smaller than 5 cubic feet, and no open-coil heating elements or open flame cookers are allowed due to fire concerns, so the only midnight oil that can be burned is figurative rather than literal. This also disqualifies panini-style grills and anything powered by gas. “No George Foremans or toasters are allowed,” says Dana Robbins-Murray, Assistant Director, Marketing, Residence Life for the University of Arizona. “We do sometimes have challenges with students bringing fridges that are too large for the room. The refrigerator must be less than 5 cubic feet in size, 120 volt, and an energy rating less than 2 amps.”

Most University of Arizona dorm residents purchase meal plans and eat in restaurants on camps, but they use microwave ovens or mini fridges for making snacks to boost their energy for those late-night study sessions. Many university dorms also provide community kitchens for students who want to cook full meals.

A coffee maker is essential to students who are cramming for midterms or cranking out research papers due the next day. The SAVOY EC314 Stainless Steel Coffee Maker is the hero product in the SAVOY line and offers all of the bells and whistles students are looking for, wrapped up in a sleek, modern design. A customized coffee experience is key with the SAVOY EC314 and the machine features a variety of functions that allow users to enjoy their coffee just the way they like it. The Regular and Bold settings provides the user control over the richness of their coffee. The 1-4 Cup Function ensures that whether you are brewing for just yourself, or a large group, you get the same quality cup of coffee every time. A Keep Warm Function keeps coffee warm for up to four hours at three different temperature options and has a thermo-sensor that ensures the coffee stays at the desired temp. The Auto-On allows dual program settings for weekday and weekend so that coffee is always ready when needed. A pause and serve feature allows removal of the carafe at any time.

A slow cooker is a great option for making large batches of meats or soups for weekly meal planning. The Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker allows consumers to adjust, manage and monitor their slow cooker from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. The first smartphone-controllable slow cooker, with the WeMo app users can receive notifications, change the cooking time, adjust the temperature, turn the slow cooker off, or check the status of their meal quickly and easily from anywhere at any time. It has a 6-quart capacity and retails for $129.99.

Rice cookers have been saviors for many college students, and models with many customizable settings are available. Japan’s pre-eminent kitchen appliance maker unveiled the latest addition to its line of rice cookers with the 3-Cup Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer (NS-LGC05) at the 2016 International Home & Housewares Show. The Micom’s advanced one-touch fuzzy logic technology not only prepares perfect rice every time, the microcomputer chip allows the rice cooker to cook different types of grains to perfection. Additionally, heaters on the bottom, side and lid work in unison to generate even heating, ensuring a consistent finished product. The 3-cup capacity (approximately 6 cups cooked rice) is the perfect portion for roommates or smaller groups, and the rice cooker’s compact size and attractive brushed steel exterior make it a modern, versatile addition to any countertop. This model features a convenient detachable inner lid for easy cleaning, extra-large LCD display with clock and timer function, an automatic keep warm function, built-in retractable power cord and menu settings which include white/mixed rice, sushi rice, brown rice, GABA brown rice, long grain white rice, steel cut oatmeal and quick cooking.

KitchenAid Launches New Compact Countertop Oven

KitchenAidOffering the power and precision of a full-size oven at a fraction of the size, the latest KitchenAid compact countertop oven offers cooks a convenient way to take on all or part of virtually any culinary challenge.  Like the brand’s high performance wall ovens and ranges, the new compact countertop oven features Even-Heat™ Technology for consistent heat throughout the chosen cycle.  Its compact footprint allows for it to preheat faster and use less energy than a conventional full-size oven.  A four-hour “stay on” option for warming or slow roasting automatically shuts off when the cycle ends.

Additional features include a 60-minute timer, two adjustable steel racks with seven height options, easy to clean non-stick interior and four preset functions for baking, broiling, toasting and keeping foods warm. Design elements include a robust metal handle, large viewing window, sturdy door hinges and soft-grip control knobs.  Accompanying accessories include a broil pan with grill rack and removable metal drip and crumb tray for easy cleanup.

Available in August at a suggested retail price of $159.99, the new KitchenAid compact countertop oven will be offered in stainless steel and stainless steel with matte black finish.

Roast Garlic Quickly and Easily with Roasted Garlic Express

After some time out of the market, the cute countertop roaster is back. Roasting garlic has never been so easy with the Roasted Garlic Express — the countertop roaster was designed specifically to make roasting garlic simple, convenient, quick and save energy.

See Roasted Garlic Express in booth #S2033.

In only 27 minutes, you can have creamy roasted garlic to spread on toasted baguettes, add to mashed potatoes or blend into your salad dressing for that amazing mellow taste. Unlike traditional clay roasters that need to go into an oven for over an hour, the Roasted Garlic Express is a countertop roaster that uses a patented terra cotta ring to ensure you get the same result every time you roast garlic.

How can we have that delicious garlic without heating that big oven in the heat of summer? This was how the idea started,” says Inventor Todd Hannon. “The exterior reflects the look of a bulb of garlic, keeping the outlook as fun as the product itself.”

To roast garlic, you first wet the terra cotta ring, inserting into the bottom of the roaster. In the removable roasting pan, you add your garlic, oil, salt and seasonings. Close the roaster and press start; then, the timer starts at 27 minutes and counts down to zero. Included is a removable handle that snaps onto the pan, letting you remove it safely from the roaster.

The new roaster has been increased to 800 watts of power and features an updated control panel design with a digital timer. The timer defaults to 27 minutes and then can be adjusted to add or subtract time, giving more control in cooking other foods in the Roasted Garlic Express.

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