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Countertop Cookers

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VitaClay Cookers Bring the Bone Broth

High-fire unglazed VitaClay uses its low thermal conductivity and micro-porous properties to heat evenly and to slow simmer foods after quickly bringing to a boil. Because of clay’s steady low heat conductivity, it allows you to extract more nutrients, minerals and collagens from bones recipes. Bone broth is slightly acidic because vinegar’s added to help draw out nutrients into the broth. This contributes to leaching of heavy metals, most notably carcinogenic nickel and excessive amounts of chromium, from cookware made with stainless steel. Heated clay creates a delicate flavor.

VitaClay Smart Organic Stock Pot features Steam, Fast, Slow Cooking, Porridge with Delay option and low-temperature Yogurt settings. Unlike a conventional crock pot, the beauty of this clay stock pot is that you get an option to cook fast or slow. You’ve got dinner options! Because of technological breakthroughs, VitaClay Multi-stock pot is fully programmed for steam/fast cooking for quick meals in 30 minutes to steam or stew and even slow cooking for stock, bone broth or soups up to 10 hours! Most cooking takes less than two hours. We further developed a cooking chart and updated recipe book and manual on the web. Any healthy cook really does become a culinary genius, because all it takes is good quality ingredients and pushing a button.

Lagrange Introduces Ligne Yogurt Maker and Yogurt to Go Cups

Lagrange, the family-owned French maker of beautifully designed kitchen electrics since 1955, will introduce the Ligne Yogurt Maker at the 2018 International Home + Housewares Show. The company will also debut its Yogurt To Go Cups in Chicago.

LagrangeDesigned and manufactured at the Lagrange factory in France, the Ligne Yogurt Maker will appeal to lovers of dairy products and natural food preparation. It’s programmable for up to 15 hours on a backlit, touch-sensitive screen, and it stops automatically at the end of the yogurt-making cycle. The device works with all types of milk, even including soy, almond or oat milks, so it’s ideal for anyone with dietary restrictions, and it’ll make drinking yogurts too.

Nine 6-1/2-ounce jars are included, and patented jar covers are stackable for easy storage. Available in April. The device plus nine glass jars will retail for $89.99. The device plus seven glass jars and two Yogurt to Go Cups will retail for $99.99.

Lagrange yogurt cupsLagrange will also be showing off its new Yogurt to Go Cups at the housewares show. These containers, sold as a set of two, screw onto the Lagrange yogurt jars and hold mix-in ingredients like granola or jam. Brightly colored silicone rings hold a handy spoon for easy, on-the-go use. They’re offered in three color combinations: Lemon & celestial, grapefruit & chlorophyll and pink praline & curacao. They’ll be available in April, and a set of two will retail for $20.

Gourmet Coffee Trends: A Slim-Line One-Cup for Coffee Purists

JURA-A1The new JURA A1 stands out for its elegance, compact design, and clear focus on a unique coffee result. This slim-line one-cup machine prepares coffee to the high standards you would expect in a coffee bar, and thanks to JURA’s exclusive Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®), it also produces ristretto and espresso to the same standard.

P.E.P. optimizes extraction time to guarantee professional quality, barista-style coffee, with a thick layer of foamy crema on top. This new machine also features JURA’s Aroma G3 grinder, now twice as fast to fully preserve aroma. The touch panel makes it easy to use, offering three user-defined cup sizes and two aroma levels to choose from.

The A1 was designed with attention to detail for which JURA is known. Coffee beans are protected by an aroma preservation cover on the bean container. A CLEARYL Blue filter ensures water purity. The coffee strength can be adjusted from 6 to 10 grams, and JURA’s Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.©) serves to maximize flavor. The coffee spout is height adjustable. Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs make the machine easy to maintain. The A1 also features an Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.®) and Zero-Energy Switch to save energy.


Midea Introduces Range of Countertop Cookers

Midea is ready to take on autumn with its latest portable cookers. Now available for purchase, Midea’s 6.5- and 6.0-quart slow cookers, multi-functional cooker and triple slow cooker are ideal for special occasions both big and small, at home and on the go.

“With Midea’s new portable cookers, families can steer clear of fried fare and instead cook delicious and healthy foods with minimal effort and supervision,” said Kurt Jovais, President of Midea America Corp. Enjoy family gatherings and tailgates with great dips, appetizers and even desserts anywhere!”

Multi-Functional Cooker (MMC1710-B)

With eight one-touch presets, Midea’s new TasteMaker™ All-in-One MMC1710 multi-functional cooker can create everyday dishes, one pot wonders, or gourmet masterpieces. The removable, super thick hemisphere bowl and its honeycomb surface provide uniform heating for perfect cooking every time. Choose to brown/sauté before slow cooking or use Midea’s unique DEFROST feature to cook frozen chicken all the way through, without that rubbery taste. Families can even use the MMC1710 to cook healthy grains, quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal and more. The MMC1710 is available now on Amazon for $99.99.

6.5 Quart Slow Cooker (MSC1765DIP)

Midea’s MSC1765DIP 6.5-quart slow cooker has a tempered glass lid, stainless steel exterior housing, oval stoneware pot with slide-proof rubber feet, and is equipped with Midea’s Feather Touch Technology for precise control over multiple cooking functions. It also comes with a 16-ounce warmer pot with a glass lid to keep dips and sauces warm while serving. The MSC1765DIP is available now on Amazon for $59.99.

6.0 Quart Slow Cooker with Locking Lid (MSC176TGDIP)

Create healthy and shareable dishes with the minimum amount of effort with Midea’s new MSC176TGDIP 6.0-quart slow cooker. The MSC176TGDIP has a tempered glass tailgater locking lid, which is perfect for dinner on the go. With a stainless-steel exterior housing, oval stoneware pots with slide-proof rubber feet, and Midea’s Feather Touch Technology for precise control over multiple cooking functions, this slow cooker is easy to use and easier to clean. Like the MSC1765DIP, it comes with a 16-ounce warmer pot with a glass lid. The MSC176TGDIP is available now on Amazon for $69.99

Triple Crock Slow Cooker (M3SC1715-B)

Easily create and serve multiple meal options with Midea’s Triple Crock Slow Cooker. The M3SC1715-B is equipped with three 1.5-quart crocks each with adjustable heat settings – low, medium and high. Each crock also has a nonstick ceramic body which is dishwasher safe, ensuring easy cleaning, as well as glass lids with heat-proof handles. The M3SC1715-B is available now on Amazon for $59.99.

Bunn Velocity Brew BT

bunnPFUsing coffee brewing technology perfected over 40 years, Bunn has built a fantastic home brewing system. The unique reservoir-style unit brews up to 10 cups of high-quality joe in just three minutes, and keeps hot water available for tea and other uses, as users need. Constructed of commercial-rated materials and stainless steel accents, complete with internal stainless steel water tank and insulated carafe. Three-year limited warranty, made in the USA.

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