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Electrolux Announces Improved Operating Results Despite Sluggish Sales in Q1

Electrolux has announced that its operating income results for North America continued to develop favorably in the first quarter of this year and the operating margin for the first quarter increased to 6.1 percent from 5.0 percent last year. Active product portfolio management and price pressure led to a decline in net sales in the quarter. However, actions to improve the cost structure and efficiency within operations significantly contributed to earnings. Market demand for core appliances in the first quarter of 2017 remained solid and grew by slightly less than 3 percent. The company expects market demand for appliances in North America to grow by 2-3 percent in 2017.

Electrolux’s efforts to restore profitability in Home Care & Small Domestic Appliances is making good progress with continued focus on mix improvements and exiting non-profitable categories and markets. In April, the company completed the acquisition of Anova, the U.S. based provider of the Anova Precision Cooker, an innovative connected device for sous vide cooking that enables restaurant-quality results in the home. The company expects the acquisition to provide a significant opportunity for profitable growth in this emerging product category.

New Zojirushi Rice Cooker Copes with Quinoa

Zojirushi is bringing out a new stylish and functional rice cooker. The Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer (NL-BAC05) offers a quinoa menu setting for the first time. This new setting, in combination with the steel cut oatmeal and brown rice options, make this unique product an ideal tool for health-minded consumers. The Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer will be available in June for a suggested retail price of $165.00.

Zojirushi NL-BAC05 Beauty ShotThe unit’s compact size cooks as little as ½ cup of rice with a 3-cup capacity which makes this unit ideal for smaller families or kitchens with minimal counter space. The Micom Rice Cooker features advanced fuzzy logic technology, which controls the cooking temperature, promising a perfect result with each use. In addition, the machine is equipped with a triple heater that warms the rice from the bottom, side and top. Multiple menu settings include white/sushi, brown, long grain white, steel cut oatmeal, quinoa, cake, and quick cooking. The unit has an easy-to-use LCD control panel, two delay timer settings, auto keep warm, extended keep warm and a removable and washable inner lid. All surfaces that come in contact with food are BPA-free. Accessories include rice spatula and measuring cup.

Vitamix Builds Smarts and Style into Ascent Series

Vitamix® has introduced its Ascent Series blenders, a new line that redefines the form and function of high-performance blending. This unique blender series combines state-of-the-art design with power and precision, along with intuitive controls and a family of interchangeable SELF-DETECT Containers.

“Our teams started from scratch when creating the Vitamix Ascent Series machines,” said Anthony M. Ciepiel, Vitamix Chief Operating Officer. “We went to our customers and said, ‘What are your challenges? How can we make the blending experience better for you?’ We then took these findings, combined them with the lessons we’ve learned as a company over the past 96 years, and engineered and designed an appliance like no other on the market.”

Vitamix_A3500_BrushedStainless_KitchenVitamix Ascent Series machines feature a clean, easy-to-use interface provides a sleek look, while the controls are intuitive and user-friendly. “The Vitamix design language is evident at every angle in the Ascent Series,” said Ciepiel. “From the crisp signature side profile lines to communicate performance within, to the enticing interface that invites users to experience a new culinary adventure, every design element contributes to the distinctive style of the world’s finest blender.”

A variety of high-end finishes—including metallic finish options on some models—add another element to the Ascent Series blenders’ elegant look. As with previous Vitamix blenders, the new machines also feature a powerful motor, and a precise timer ensures optimal results. Vitamix Ascent Series machines are the first Vitamix blenders that come with a 10-year full warranty, reflecting the Vitamix tradition of high-quality, long-lasting blenders that stand up to frequent use.

Vitamix_AscentSeries_64ozContainerEven the containers for Vitamix Ascent Series blenders have been reimagined. Each Ascent Series machine comes with a 64-ounce container and a clear lid, allowing users to monitor blending without interrupting it. The lid plug doubles as a measuring cup for ultimate convenience, and the redesigned spout on the 64-ounce container features a narrower opening for easier and cleaner pouring into smaller serving dishes.

Along with the full-size container, Ascent Series machines can be used with additional Self-Detect Containers: a 20-ounce cup and an 8-ounce bowl, which come with lids that are perfect for blending and serving, taking along or storing. The dishwasher-safe containers are available in convenient Blending Cup and Blending Bowl Starter Kits.

Vitamix Ascent Series blenders are the first to offer a complete family of containers with Self-Detect technology and wireless connectivity. For now, that means the machine reads each container and automatically adjusts program settings and maximum blending times, and will not power on if the container isn’t sitting properly on the motor base. In the future, it means consumers will have a blender that is ready to evolve with them and with the latest technology.

Four different Ascent Series blenders are available. All feature a built-in digital timer that automatically begins counting up when a variable speed is chosen, and counts down if a program is selected on a machine with pre-programmed settings. Model A3500 includes five pre-programmed settings (smoothies, hot soups, purées, frozen desserts and a cleaning cycle), touchscreen controls, and premium finishes. The built-in digital timer is programmable. Model A3300 has touchscreen controls, and the built-in digital timer is programmable. Model A2500 offers three pre-programmed settings (smoothies, purées and frozen desserts), and Model A2300 features the built-in digital timer, sleek new design and new container technology of other Ascent Series blenders.


Omega Relaunches 3-HP Blender Line

Omega is relaunching its powerful 3-HP blender line. Equipped with various blending cycles and intuitive controls to create fast and fresh fusions of your favorite ingredients, the new collection is defined by power and precision. The blenders will be available on Omega’s website for purchase beginning in mid-May.

OM7560R_Hero_EmptyOmega OM7560 3-Peak Horsepower Motor Blender ($480): Quickly blends ingredients and creates multiple servings with ease. Notable product features include:

  • 11 speeds, pulse function
  •  6-minute timer with Automatic Shut Off for Overload Protection
  • Infinity Control oscillates the blade speed up and down for the Perfect Blend
  • Touch Pad & Variable Controls for Precision Blending
  • Stainless Steel Blade Assembly
  • Removable Cap For Adding Ingredient
  • Plunger/Spatula Included
  • BPA Free Tritan Copolyester Container
  • Rubber pad minimizes vibration and noise

Omega OM6560 3-Peak Horsepower Motor Blender ($380): Powers through ice, smoothies, frozen fruit drinks, thick ice cream, flour and grains, salsas, soups and sauces without having to take a break. Notable product features include:

  • 11 speeds with LED light indciating speed
  • Toggle Switch for High/Low speeds and pulse functions
  • BPA Free Eastman® Tritan Copolyester Container
  • Removable Cap For Adding Ingredients
  • Stainless Steel Blade Assembly
  • Automatic Shut Off for Overload Protection
  • Plunger/Spatula Included
  • Rubber pad minimizes vibration and noise

OM6160S_HeroOmega OM6160 3-Peak Horsepower Motor Blender ($280): Omega equipped the blender with the perfect combination of features, warranty, quality construction, and durability. Blend an endless variety of ingredients and combinations into a smooth, silky texture. Notable product features include:

  • On/Off­ and High/Low Toggle Controls
  • BPA Free Tritan Copolyester Container
  • Removable Cap for adding ingredients
  • Stainless steel blade assembly
  • Automatic shut off for overload protection
  • Plunger/spatula included

Nuni Tortilla Toaster Secures Production Funding

nuni tortilla toasterNuni Tortilla Toaster has secured funding for a first production run of the world’s first ever mass-market tortilla toaster. The Nuni Tortilla Toaster was introduced a year ago with a Kickstarter campaign. Since then, there have been numerous design iterations, electrical safety certifications, manufacturing pipeline arrangements, and capital acquisition.

For more information, or to pre-order, Orders for the first production run are scheduled to be delivered by Christmas 2017.


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