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VitaClay Cookers Bring the Bone Broth

High-fire unglazed VitaClay uses its low thermal conductivity and micro-porous properties to heat evenly and to slow simmer foods after quickly bringing to a boil. Because of clay’s steady low heat conductivity, it allows you to extract more nutrients, minerals and collagens from bones recipes. Bone broth is slightly acidic because vinegar’s added to help draw out nutrients into the broth. This contributes to leaching of heavy metals, most notably carcinogenic nickel and excessive amounts of chromium, from cookware made with stainless steel. Heated clay creates a delicate flavor.

VitaClay Smart Organic Stock Pot features Steam, Fast, Slow Cooking, Porridge with Delay option and low-temperature Yogurt settings. Unlike a conventional crock pot, the beauty of this clay stock pot is that you get an option to cook fast or slow. You’ve got dinner options! Because of technological breakthroughs, VitaClay Multi-stock pot is fully programmed for steam/fast cooking for quick meals in 30 minutes to steam or stew and even slow cooking for stock, bone broth or soups up to 10 hours! Most cooking takes less than two hours. We further developed a cooking chart and updated recipe book and manual on the web. Any healthy cook really does become a culinary genius, because all it takes is good quality ingredients and pushing a button.

Signature Kitchen Suite Luxury Appliances Deliver Smart Cooking Experience

Signature Kitchen Suite, the new challenger brand in the luxury kitchen appliance market, showcased its lineup of smart-enabled products at the 2018 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS). At the forefront of the brand’s smart home display was the new proactive service offering featuring artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can detect potential performance issues before they even occur, alerting both the consumer and call center to help avoid a problem and delivering a greater level of service and convenience.

Signature Kitchen Suite also unveiled newly minted partnerships with leading food and recipe services to make U.S. consumers’ lives more effortless and convenient in the kitchen. The company will integrate leading food and recipe services, including Innit® and SideChef step-by-step instructions, with its Wi-Fi-enabled cooking appliances, providing home chefs of all skill levels the means to make daily meal preparation less complicated and time-consuming.

With Wi-Fi-enabled appliances, Signature Kitchen Suite is ushering in cutting-edge connectivity and convenience. Through the touch of a button on the Signature Kitchen Suite app for Android and iOS devices, consumers can enjoy the benefits of smart controls — whether it’s preheating the oven while stuck in traffic to get dinner ready on time, or asking the refrigerator to make more ice before a dinner party.

“Signature Kitchen Suite is embracing a new generation of forward-thinking cooks, combining their passion for food with their appreciation for innovation, and we’re committed to helping them preserve and prepare food in the best possible way,” said Zach Elkin, General Manager, Signature Kitchen Suite. “With an open platform strategy that enables us to partner with leading services such as Innit and SideChef, along with industry-first innovations such as the first-of-its-kind sous-vide range, we’re providing even more flexibility and convenience in the kitchen and delivering an unmatched culinary experience for consumers.”

Smart Gets Even Smarter with Proactive Service

Customers can now enjoy the benefits of Signature Kitchen Suite’s proactive service to help identify and troubleshoot potential service issues before they happen. With proactive service, Signature Kitchen Suite appliances are automatically connected to a call center with 24-hour monitoring to enable reporting of their condition and status on a real-time basis. Once an abnormal signal is detected — such as a refrigerator door being left open for an extended period, or even a loss of power in the home, specialists at the call center analyze the data and proactively reach out to the customer to alert them of the issue. In the event a repair is needed, the call center can offer instructions for self-repair or help dispatch a technician to the home. This ultimately helps consumers save time and money, making daily life smarter and ushering in a new dimension of consumer convenience.

A New Recipe for Convenience

Innit’s and SideChef’s automated expert cooking programs will work seamlessly with Signature Kitchen Suite connected ovens and ranges to help today’s home chefs create even the most complicated meal with step-by-step support — from selecting ingredients and video tutorials available in the Innit and SideChef apps, to sending automatically customized cooking programs straight to the oven for perfect results on time, every time.

Innit and SideChef will be available on select Signature Kitchen Suite ovens and ranges this year. Innit and SideChef are both available for iOS in the App store and for Android in Google Play.

For more information on Signature Kitchen Suite’s smart appliance offerings, visit

Innit Delivers Breakthrough Smart Kitchen Assistance

Technology company Innit® is collaborating with LG Electronics USA to deliver smart kitchen solutions that make everyday cooking less complicated and time-consuming for home cooks of all skill levels. At this year’s CES® 2018 and the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, LG and Innit demonstrated how Innit works with 2018 Wi-Fi-connected LG smart ovens and ranges to help families plan, shop, prepare and cook meals with more confidence.

Innit’s automated cooking programs work seamlessly with LG connected ovens and ranges featuring the company’s LG SmartThinQ™ technology to help at-home chefs create meals with step-by-step support — from getting personalized meal recommendations and real-time cooking guidance to automatically programming their LG ovens with customized cooking programs for delicious results every time.

Starting with personalized recommendations in the Innit mobile app, consumers can customize delicious meals based on diet, allergies and dislikes. They can customize every element of the meal, including protein, starch, vegetables, and sauces, allowing them to experiment with new flavors and ingredients to match their cravings or make the most of what’s in the refrigerator.

Once consumers design the perfect personalized meal, Innit acts as a “Culinary GPS” system with how-to videos and real-time cooking guidance that update with every meal customization. The Innit app intelligently sequences multiple steps from several dishes simultaneously, saving time and ensuring that all components of the meal are ready at the same time. Once it’s time to cook, Innit’s adaptive cooking programs seamlessly send cooking instructions — including cooking temperature, mode and timing all customized to the selected dish — to LG smart appliances.

Innit will launch later this year across LG’s expansive portfolio of home appliances in the US.

Lagrange Introduces Ligne Yogurt Maker and Yogurt to Go Cups

Lagrange, the family-owned French maker of beautifully designed kitchen electrics since 1955, will introduce the Ligne Yogurt Maker at the 2018 International Home + Housewares Show. The company will also debut its Yogurt To Go Cups in Chicago.

LagrangeDesigned and manufactured at the Lagrange factory in France, the Ligne Yogurt Maker will appeal to lovers of dairy products and natural food preparation. It’s programmable for up to 15 hours on a backlit, touch-sensitive screen, and it stops automatically at the end of the yogurt-making cycle. The device works with all types of milk, even including soy, almond or oat milks, so it’s ideal for anyone with dietary restrictions, and it’ll make drinking yogurts too.

Nine 6-1/2-ounce jars are included, and patented jar covers are stackable for easy storage. Available in April. The device plus nine glass jars will retail for $89.99. The device plus seven glass jars and two Yogurt to Go Cups will retail for $99.99.

Lagrange yogurt cupsLagrange will also be showing off its new Yogurt to Go Cups at the housewares show. These containers, sold as a set of two, screw onto the Lagrange yogurt jars and hold mix-in ingredients like granola or jam. Brightly colored silicone rings hold a handy spoon for easy, on-the-go use. They’re offered in three color combinations: Lemon & celestial, grapefruit & chlorophyll and pink praline & curacao. They’ll be available in April, and a set of two will retail for $20.

New Ultra Quiet SV500 Vacuum Blender from Kuvings

Kuvings, the company behind the popular Whole Slow Juicer, has introduced the SV500, a powerful new vacuum blender that removes more than 90 percent of the oxygen from the blender container before processing to virtually eliminate oxidation, separation and foam and maximize nutrition and freshness of smoothies, dressings and sauces.

vacuum_desine_award-600x691The SV500 expands the line of blenders and juicers from Kuvings, the brand name for NUC Electronics, a company founded in 1978 specializing in kitchen electronics for health and nutrition-conscious consumers. The popular Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer has garnered enthusiastic reviews from juicing experts and the media and has been reviewed by Consumer Reports.

The sleek vacuum blender, which includes a noise reduction cover for ultra-quiet, vibration-free operation, features proprietary technology that uses air pressure sensors to remove oxygen from the blender container, preserving valuable nutrients, flavor, color and freshness and minimizing oxidation, separation and foam.

The SV500’s proprietary auto-blend technology senses blender contents, automatically adjusts the blade speed to blend any mixture of ingredients, and stops when the food reaches the perfect consistency. Users also choose from vacuum only, vacuum and blend and blend-only settings as well as a pulse setting and variable speed control options.

Powered by a 3.5 peak hp, 32,000 RPM motor and backed by a seven-year limited warranty, the SV500 Vacuum Blender features ultra high-strength stainless steel blades.

The SV500 Vacuum Blender comes in silver, red and black, retails for $649.99 and is available now at and at major retailers in March. Included is a 45-ounce BPA-free Tritan container, a 25-ounce vacuum to-go tumbler and noise reduction cover. Optional accessories can be purchased separately, including a tamper and lid set for making nut butters.

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