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BeraTek Industries Helps Entrepreneurs Turn Ideas into Reality

BeraTek Industries is helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality. Positioned as a resource for those looking to manufacture a product, the company offers “vertically integrated services.” BeraTek services include product design, prototyping, manufacturing, fulfillment and digital marketing. All BeraTek services are offered under one roof in its Cedar Rapids, Iowa, facility.

“My first plan when I opened the doors of BeraTek was to manufacture and sell my own products. However, when talking to other entrepreneurs I quickly recognized there is a great need for our services,” said Gerald Beranek, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BeraTek. “We have the equipment and capacity to produce tooling and injection mold products – whether it be short run or high volumes – depending on the customer’s needs. Our focus is on reducing the time needed to get products to market and at a lower cost than outsourcing overseas.”

BeraTek customer and entrepreneur, Tom Lutz, launched his product, the Repour™ wine saver on Kickstarter on October 26, 2016. Repour is a unique and first of its kind wine preserving stopper, utilizing oxygen-absorbing technology within a simple, effective and affordable stopper. Lutz began working with BeraTek early in 2016 on the design of his product.

“I’ve been working with BeraTek Industries for about nine months to get this product to market,” said Lutz. “They’ve been awesome to work with because they are a full-service shop where they offer design, development, tooling and manufacturing. This comprehensive service has been extremely valuable for me as an entrepreneur bringing a product from concept to commercial launch.”

Lutz has been working closely with Ethan Davidson, Director of Business Development at BeraTek. “The Repour wine saver is a perfect example of a project that fits BeraTek’s core capabilities. We worked closely with Tom to engineer a design that would be easy and cost effective to manufacture,” said Davidson. “Tom needed a few product samples for his marketing efforts, so we cut a small hand tool to provide him production equivalent parts in a short timeframe. Most manufactures don’t want to deal with such low volume, so this differentiates BeraTek from our competitors. Being a USA-based product design and manufacturing company, it was rewarding to help an entrepreneur bring his idea to fruition.”

The Repour wine saver is currently in the late stages of tooling design, according to Lutz and Davidson. “Our design and tooling team are both located in our Cedar Rapids facility, which is a true value-add for customers,” said Davidson. “This allows us to collaborate with the internal team to ensure we are creating the most cost-effective and efficient tool to produce the wine saver. Being able to make tool modifications in-house is a huge time and money saver for customers.”

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