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Arctic Zone Presents the Fridge Cold Lunch Pack

California Innovations’ flagship brand, Arctic Zone® – the market leader in soft sided insulated products – presents the Titan Deep Freeze® Expandable Lunch Pack, able to keep food fridge cold (40 degrees Fahrenheit) for up to six hours! Packed with features, the Titan Deep Freeze Expandable Lunch Pack offers all of the same high performance technology found in Arctic Zone’s Titan Deep Freeze Coolers.

“We took one of our most popular profiles, added key features and used the same high performance technology that goes into our Titan Deep Freeze Cooler, to build this ultimate lunch bag,” Vice President Product Management at Arctic Zone, Greg Anger explains.

The technology behind fridge cold performance starts with SuperFoam® insulation. High density thick SuperFoam in combination with Therma-Flect® radiant barrier and welded, leak proof interior lining keep the cold in and the heat out.
The Titan Deep Freeze Expandable Lunch Pack comes with two high performance Ice Walls™ that fit into exterior pockets designed specifically to hold them. These pockets are accessible from the outside of the bag so that you don’t have to open the bag, which keeps the cold inside. The Ice Walls surround food with long lasting cold and greatly expand the food choices for packed lunch.

The lunch pack also features its Rhino-Tech® wipe clean, water and stain resistant exterior and doubles in capacity when expanded. Durable, versatile and fridge cold!

Change in the Marketplace Offers New Ways to Sell Housewares

It’s no secret the marketplace is experiencing unprecedented and rapid changes in how consumers gather information, shop and buy products. But these changes represent tremendous opportunities for the housewares industry, said Tom Mirabile, Consumer Trend Forecaster for the International Housewares Association and Senior Vice President of Global Trend and Design for Lifetime Brands, during his annual keynote address at the 2018 International Home + Housewares Show. Owned and operated by the International Housewares Association, the show was held March 10-13 at McCormick Place and featured more than 2,200 exhibitors and 60,000 total attendees from 125 countries.

According to Mirabile, the key to success lies in embracing – not fearing – change. “We’re in the middle of a retail renaissance and yet we are often so preoccupied with simply coping that we can’t see the dramatic positive changes that are unfolding around us,” he said.

To break things down, Mirabile walked the audience through five main demographics: Gen Z (ages 3-22), Millennials (22-42), Gen X (43-53), Baby Boomers (54-73) and Prime Timers (74+).  He shared a wealth of top trends from home ownership and marriage, to income, careers and interests, but the take-home message was that there are now new ways of engaging different demographics, and most of them involve social media. “Where you place yourself and your business within social media is critical,” he said.

Life patterns and what is important to people have also drastically changed. While the lives of Baby Boomers and Prime Timers often followed a set pattern (i.e. live with parents; get an education; start a career; get married; have children; children leave home), now there are many deviations.  For instance, Millennials might live with friends, then get married later, but then they might get divorced and live with friends or another partner again. They might buy a home, but they might sell it, live with someone else and then buy another home later. Or they might start a career, but then take a break and travel.

With so many more choices, so much more freedom and individualization, Mirabile said, there are many more opportunities for housewares manufacturers and retailers to assess ever-changing life situations and offer solutions for new stages in consumers’ lives.

Another area that offers new opportunities is the mindful, healthy living movement, which comes hand-in-hand with the massive cooking phenomenon and food focus. These opportunities open layers of potential product-selling from home gardening and cookware, to smart products and things to create less waste. “Millennials want constant reinvention and innovation,” Mirabile explained. “Now we talk to ‘tribes:’ the foodie, the coffee snob, the wine and beer lover, etc. Tribes are groups of people to sell to, and today more than ever people are buying experiences. They want shareable experiences.”

To further his point about how things have changed, Mirabile referenced Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – a classic interpretation of the psychology by which humans recognize and fulfill personal needs. At the base of the hierarchy are physiological needs such as air, food, drink, sex and shelter. The next level is safety (security, law, order) followed by love and belongingness (friendship, intimacy trust). Then comes esteem (dignity, achievement, status) followed by self-actualization (self-fulfillment and ultimately happiness). The idea behind the hierarchy is that people don’t worry about higher-level needs until they’ve met their lower-level needs; they aren’t much concerned about pursuing intellectual interests if they’re starving to death.

However, Mirabile pointed out that these days, the way that customers achieve a sense of happiness is completely different from what it was even 10 years ago. It’s not just buying a house or a sports car that offers dignity and prestige. Good self-esteem can be gained by how many connections one has on LinkedIn or Facebook. And today, self-actualization could be reached by a 10-year-old meditating or making an amazing cake and getting 1,000 likes on Instagram.

Despite the dramatic and fast-paced changes happening in society, Mirabile reminded the audience of several core ideals that have remained the same and one important constant: People buy things to solve a problem or to enrich their lives in some way. These days, people want to take the mundane out of tasks, and they want things quickly and without fuss. For example, look at the rise of smart products, Mirabile said.  They’re all about taking the drudgery out of mundane tasks and giving people what they want, when they want it. Younger generations want their lives to become easier and easier, and when older generations become less mobile, it’s handy to have products that do things for you.

“We’re going back to basics,” he said. “It’s still all about finding solutions for people.”

Another constant is that people want connection. Being “connected” today often means being connected to a device, but devices bring connections with other people and allow us easy access to information from many others.

A video recording of Mirabile’s keynote will be posted on IHA’s website at For more information about the International Home + Housewares Show, visit

Spot-Not: A Decanter Cleaner that Works

All across the world there are tens of thousands of wine decanters begging to have the inside of the decanter cleaned and polished. But it was nearly impossible to properly dry and polish the inside of a decanter – until now!

Spot-Not is so easy to use and so effective. The Spot-Not decanter dryer and polisher has two main parts: a drying cloth that goes into the decanter and a drying mitt for the outside. Magnetic bands inserted in both parts draw the two together and as you move the outer mitt, the inside cloth moves along with it, drying and polishing the inside of the decanter. The magnet bands are removable so the two highly absorbent micro-fiber pads can be washed and reused. Decanters and carafes you were ashamed to serve are suddenly restored to being your pride and joy.

Spot-Not comes in retail-friendly packaging and master packs of 12, so it is really easy to buy. Spot-Not is a product of the Wine Lovers group, a consortium of professional-grade wine accessories.

BeraTek Industries Turns Ideas into Profit

BeraTek Industries is paving the way for a new standard in manufacturing. As a product design and manufacturing company, BeraTek has mastered the art of developing innovative processes and solutions to get your product to market quickly and cost-effectively.

“The high cost and long lead time of getting a physical product to the market is what led me to open the doors of BeraTek,” said Gerald Beranek, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BeraTek. “We started out creating our own consumer products which led us to develop a simplified solution to designing, manufacturing and marketing a product. This quickly motivated us to fill a need in the marketplace and ultimately share the resources we’ve built to support our product brands and help other companies create their own products.”

BeraTek has developed a vertically integrated system that improves efficiency and communication and saves customers time and money. BeraTek has a portfolio of expertise in just about every step of the product development cycle. The BeraTek team can take your initial idea and help guide it through the processes of industrial design, engineering, prototyping, mold manufacturing and production, all the way to the shipment of the product to retailers and/or direct to your consumer. BeraTek offers the freedom to manufacture at low volumes and/or high volumes so customers can grow and scale their business as needed without having to sit on too much inventory. This strategy is truly what sets BeraTek apart from competitors.

If you have an idea you want to turn into a product, Gerald offers this advice, “the biggest thing you can do is to take action. I recommend getting your idea out there quickly without overthinking your product or brand. Just get going. You will learn along the way. If you have questions, give us a call and we can help guide the way.”

aerolatte Launches Drip Coffee Brewer with Microfilter

Aerolatte®, the incredibly frothy coffee company, is excited to tell you about its latest addition to the expanding aerolatte range and is keen to share the benefits of brewing your coffee with a drip coffee brewer.

Aromatic. Flavorsome. A true experience. Three of the many things you’ll say once you have sampled a coffee brewed by aerolatte’s new drip coffee brewer with microfilter, an incomparable way to brew a smooth coffee at home.

After the success of their other innovative coffee makers, Alan and Gary, Founders and product designers of global business aerolatte, wanted to develop a new product to brew filtered, crisp and clean coffee from the comfort of your own home.

The result was a cleverly thought-out design, with practical features such as a heat tolerant borosilicate glass to prolong the life of your carafe, and a single layer reusable filter for an easy clean up and minimal waste. It’s bound to be a winning product for all coffee lovers in 2018.

Catching the eye of the coffee lover community, the drip coffee brewer with microfilter offers many benefits, making it the perfect coffee maker for anyone who is looking for a different way to brew at home. You can control the flow of the water to tailor the brewing process, and experiment with the strength of your coffee for the perfect brew. The drip coffee brewer is also energy saving, as it does not use electricity; all you need to worry about is heating your water.

Looking to join in with an active coffee loving community? You can follow aerolatte on its growing social media accounts at the following handles: Facebook: aerolatte.original; Twitter: aerolatteHQ; Pinterest & Instagram: aerolatte; Youtube: aerolatteTV.

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